Tips On How To Train Your Puppy

All dogs need to be trained for obedience sometime in their lives. They need to know who is leader of the pack, and what are the rules that are set. When your dog learns the basic obedience commands, it will make him a much better family companion.

It is also a good idea to train older dogs. It might seem a little bit trickier than training a puppy, but older dogs that have been trained can be as easy to train as a puppy.

Start training your dog when he is a puppy and keep training your dog until he is at least 6 months old. Training a dog takes a lot of time, so be patient and persistent.

Always keep an eye on your dog to make sure that he doesn’t start doing any unwanted actions like biting, nipping, etc.

Earning your dog’s trust is extremely important in order for him to be trained. Unfortunately, humans sometimes have short attention spans, and we tend to get tired while training. The key in training your dog is to make it fun. When you lose your patience, or you get frustrated, give yourself a break. Interrupt the training session by doing something else.

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Any breed of dog can be socialized successfully with the proper amount of effort from you and your families. Proper socialization is one way to prevent dog behavioral problems in the future.

A puppy that is properly socialized will not be afraid of members of the household or unknown people. Your puppy will know how to interact with you and other family members without being fearfully aggressive.

A number of ways in which people socialize their dogs are through taking them to new places, inviting friends over, introducing them to the family car, and travelling to new places.

These experiences will give your dog a new and positive experience with different people, places, objects, and animals. Early socialization is a very important part of a pet’s development.

Allowing your puppy to spend time with family members is another way of socializing. Typically family members will become regular visitors to your home. Ask everyone to come over to meet your puppy. This will be a good experience for your puppy.

He will be in new places with new people and will be introduced to different scents. Let your puppy explore these new scents so that he can familiarize himself with them.

You can also crate your dog if he is over reacting to your new visitors. Sometimes, it is a good way to calm down your dog who may become over excited with all the new faces. Crate will be a place where he can escape the stimulation of all the activity outside and just hang out in his den.

All puppies chew. They need to chew for their teeth to develop. They will chew on your belongings, because they are teething.

Chewing takes place while they are teething, and most of their chewing is done while they are learning to jump on their mother’s lap. Your puppy sees you, the pet owner, as his mother. It is your responsibility to provide a teething puppy with items that are acceptable to chew on.

Buying your puppy chew toys is the best way to prevent them from chewing on other things in your home. Think about the types of chew toys that you would like to get for your puppy.

Every time you catch your puppy chewing on anything that is not a dog toy, you should just say “No”, then remove the item from the puppy and replace it with a chew toy.

Consistency is a key word here. This is because your puppy will learn behavior patterns by repetition. When you are consistent, you can redirect your puppy’s chewing to a more appropriate chew object.

Your puppy training program must be carried out continuous for several weeks if you want to see results. Sometimes, owners let a frustrating event halt training for weeks. That just makes the dog resent the owner, and he will be even more difficult to be trained.

All dogs can be trained, but not all dogs are cut out to be trained. There are some dogs that are simply not easy to train, no matter how many times their masters tell them to do so.

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There are other dogs that, if given a choice, would rather not be trained at all. The idea is to find the best way to train a particular dog. Sometimes, a person will want to reserve the training for later in life when the dog is older and more mature; but it’s not necessary to wait.

Having a well-behaved puppy who responds to your commands and behavior modification exercises, will ensure that you have a happy, healthy and safe dog for many years to come.