Simple Dog Training Tricks

Simple dog training tricks are something every dog owner should know about. Not only do these tricks serve the purpose of teaching your dog obedience, they also help you maintain a healthy relationship with your pet.

Training your dog means patience and perseverance. You will need to know how important it’s not to give up when training these furry little dogs, no matter how challenging it may seem at times.

Teaching your dog some dog training tricks, whether they are basic commands tricks or training aids, is indeed rewarding for both you and your pet – it really doesn’t often involve any dog treats at all, does it?

However, it should be a fun experience for both of you. Remember to always keep training sessions short, as this keeps your training sessions fun and easy for you and your pooch.

simple training tricks
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Sit and Stay. This is a good starting place, as it’s very easy to teach. Probably the easiest method to teach is to put a treat in your pocket, and once your dog is sitting, say, “stay.” Reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. Most dogs like to sit and stay, and giving them a reward will let them know they’re doing the right thing.

How to teach your dog to dance? Get someone to grab your dog’s front paws and wiggle them apprehensively. Say “dance” slowly, so it takes time for her to respond. When she does, reward with a treat and fuss her a little. If she doesn’t respond immediately, get another person to help you. The dog may need to be coaxed into a movement or position. Once she learns the “dance” command, you will be able to stop holding her paws and she will immediately start dancing for you.

How to teach your dog to speak? This is one of the most enjoyable tricks to teach. Get your dog’s attention by using your voice and/or a treat. When she barks, say “such a good dog.; and then give her a treat. Then repeat. After a few more sessions, your dog will have learned the word and associate it with a treat.

How to teach your dog to shake? Start by picking up your dog by her front paws. Shake a little if you have to, to get her attention. Have her sit facing you. Put your other hand on her back parts. Notice what position she naturally slips into. Whilst she is in that position, say “ding dung.” Repeat this until she rolls over. Then reward with the treat and fuss her a little. Repeat this until she rolls over consistently.

How to teach your dog to roll over? The command is “roll over” and you give the command while you are rolling your dog over on his side. Then the reward is given. You should also train your dog to perform this trick upon hearing some “specific” noise such as a hand clap. This noise startle the dog and will eventually teach him to perform the “roll over” upon hearing these sounds.

For a more difficult trick, you may want to teach your dog the “kiss” command. The process is simple. When you and your dog are facing each other, put your dog in a sit or kneel position on your left side. With your palm facing up, say “Kisses.”

Of course, they won’t understand the “K” part the first time. So, if you say “Kisses,” and your dog is doing a paw lift or shake, move your hand back to your chest and say “Kisses.” Then, move your hand back to your dog’s face and say “Kisses.” Once your dog lifts his or her paw, move your hand back towards your chest and say “Kisses.” Tick tock!

The last dog training trick you can teach your dog is called the “fetch”. It’s a dog training trick that involves teaching your pet to retrieve objects that he sees you throw in the air or on the ground. For example, you throw a ball in the air and say “Fetch”, then give the toy to him when he returns it to you, while saying “Good dog!”

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When training your dog for tricks, focus on one command at a time. You can combine multiple commands once your dog had mastered them individually.

As long as you’re adding fun tricks, your dog won’t get bored! If you do want to teach your dog more than one trick per training session, you can do so, but do end each session with something new.