Potty Puppy Training 101

This is a way to ensure that your dog remains clean at all times, even in his own home using these potty puppy training 101 tips. These tips consist of teaching the you as a dog owner on how to take care of your pet’s body and teach you how to recognize signs from your dog that he needs to go to the toilet. All the basic of potty puppy training tips will be shared below.

One of the best tips on potty puppy training would be to keep the pet on a leash while you take him out. This way you are able to control your dog’s movements while he is learning the proper way to go potty.

Your dog should always be walked slowly and in a steady pace as he is still a puppy. This way he will have less problems in learning. Also, make sure that when you give the command to sit, he obeys it.

Use the right kind of bedding, right type of food and the right amount of water to supply your pet with all the necessities of going potty. You will find that dogs get easily confused when it comes to going to the toilet and so they tend to pee and poo in different places.

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Thus, by using the right amount of water and the right kind of bedding, you will not only save your dog from getting confused but also reduce the number of accidents that your pet will have when going potty.

If you put in a treat, make sure you give it to him while he is going potty, because the idea is “do it while it is going potty” and you want the pup to associate going potty with getting a treat.

Feed your pup at the same time(s) every day, and try to keep food and water down to the same time too. If you feed your puppy in the early morning, it will most likely need to relieve himself after 2 hours. If possible, take your pup outside to relieve itself every 4 to 6 hours.

Remember to praise your dog and give him a treat every time he goes potty in the designated spot and at the same time give him his favorite toy to play with so it connects the potty area with fun.

If your puppy is acting and looking uncomfortable or appears to be circling for a good spot to go to the bathroom, that is when you have to pick him up and take him outside to the proper spot for potty.

So make use of reward (food and praise) approach to potty train your puppy.

Praise, in this case, is something you want your puppy to know how to do. You give praise to let your puppy know when they have done something right, and most of the time, if they are surrounded by their food, they are going to continue doing the right things to get more food, which is something they will do when they are done with potty training, and that is when you praise them so they know they are doing well.

The next potty puppy training tips would be to train your dog to use the litter tray in the right way. Some dogs are quite stubborn in this matter and will refuse to use the tray in the right way and thus causing him to mess all over the place. However, by using training tools such as crate training, you can teach the dog to use the litter tray in the right way.

Once you have trained your dog to use the litter tray, it is essential that you place the litter tray in the correct area of the house. Make sure that you do not put it near the door or somewhere where there are multiple people coming in contact with it.

This is important because your puppy will tend to think that he can use the tray whenever he wants. So, it is better to keep the litter tray somewhere that is off limits.

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The most important thing to remember while potty puppy training is consistency. It is vital that you stick to your training schedule. This way, you will have complete control over the life of your dog.

One of the biggest rewards for any puppy owner is the pride and fulfillment that comes from knowing that their puppy is trained and ready to do his best to please them in a million times.