Obedience Training For Adult Dogs

Most new dog owners misconstrue love with the impulse to please. With a new adult dog, it is easy to lose patience with her habit of jumping up to greet you or your visitors, soiling in the house or chewing your favorite shoe. Before you decide to give up, take a moment to learn more about the obedience training for adult dogs as this is what your dog needs from YOU!

Starting the training process from day one with your dog is very important. Dogs are naturally highly motivated to learn and they like to do something that pleases their owners. Finding ways to encourage your dog to learn what you expect is the key to success.

As dogs are pack animals and respond to a leader, you need to be her “leader”. Don’t think you are the leader, be the leader. You can avoid almost all problems with your dog by teaching her to trust you. Trust me, she’ll love you for it.

Positive reinforcement which is part of your obedience training should be something that you must focus on. Be consistent, firm and fair with discipline, reward her for her “right” behaviors and teaching her your house “rules” will be your primary tasks. Make sure the rules of the house are taught as early as possible. This will keep your house from being a haven for her bad habits and disorders.

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When training your dog, always remember that she is not a human being, and might not be able to comprehend and act the ways you want her to. She can only learn through your guidance to be obedient and follow your “rules”.

When you are correcting her behavior, keep in mind that she may get hurt feelings and feel sad, fearful or even anxiety. Keep a close watch on her reactions and acts according. Dogs by natural like to please their owner. So works on this advantage in your obedience training.

Most dogs are able to understand non-verbal commands. They pick up your mood, your tone, your emotions, and it is important to pay close attention to your dog’s behavior as you work through training exercises.

There are various methods to teach your dog to obey your commands. While some training methods depends on traditional approaches; others rely on scientific formulations that take advantage of the dog training devices.

Using Shock Collar – Make use of a low-level static shock. This type of correction is one that is easy to administer on your dog’s neck and it does not cause her any pain. As soon as she does anything that you want to call attention to, the static shock she receives will let her know that what she did is something that is not acceptable.

The success to this type of training depends on the right stimulation levels and the timing of the shock collar. You must be consistent so that your dog learns the lesson, and associates the experience of receiving the shock with an undesirable behavior.

The best way to motivate your dog to trust you is to love her. It doesn’t matter whether you are showering her with affection or using a shock collar, she will trust a trusted person or process.

One of the important factor in your training is the use of your voice tone. You should avoid yelling or shouting as you call your dog. You would want to show her what you want. If you want her to sit, show her what sitting is. Then say “sit”. You can help her to sit by gently pushing her from behind. You want her to naturally sit and then praise her and give her a treat.

The first time you show her what to do, you need to be patient and repeat the word so that she understands what you want. This may take a few times as she is a little bit confused, but just keep doing it.

Each time you say something to her, help her replicate it. If you give her a treat each time, she will figure out what to do. Give her a really tasty treat. You need to tease her for doing this. You will be surprised at how fast your dog “picks” up what you want. You will just have to be consistent and persistent. (Hey, you still have your job!)

Practice with your dog every day, and you will be surprised that she will “kick” off most unwanted behaviors in just a few days. Keep in mind that your dog needs consistency in order to learn. If you want her to build a sense of obedience, then you must provide the type of consistent attention and socialization that she craves for.

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Dog training can be rewarding for both the owner and the dog. Once you establish yourself as the leader and offer effective guidance, your dog will appreciate your training. Be kind to your dog and always remember, if you love and respect her, the two of you will develop a wonderful bond!

The relationship between a dog and its owner should be one where trust, love and respect are possible. When you have a dog that respects you and loves you, you will be able to inspire each other. The dog will want to please you.