How To Train Your Dog To Listen To You

If your dog won’t come when he’s called, it can be a horrible feeling, especially if you have a “BIG” animal, such as a “Rottweiler” who can be very large and strong. Not only that, it can also be an expression of dominance from your dog. He isn’t thinking in the most “loving” way. If you ignore these potential problems, it may lead to other behavioral issues. The good new is I have tips to share with you on how to train your dog to listen to you.

Dogs do what works for them, not what they want to do, and if they do something that creates pleasure, they will repeat it. So if you want your dog to listen to you, it must have to be “something” that pleasure him and certainly by rewarding him for listening you (for certain behavior or action), this is going to create positive association for him.

Make sure that the rewards (treats, toys or praise) you had offered to your dog will make him yearning for more such treats. This will make your obedience training much more easier. Repeat the reward until he associates rewards with the correct behavior.

Once your dog has performed the desired action or behavior, reward him immediately by petting him while he is in the action.

Give rewards even if at first your dog shows no sign of understanding. Reward him after he had demonstrated the behavior rather than waiting for it to happen. Once your dog is showing signs of understanding, you can start to reduce the reward given.

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The learning phase in which your dog learn to modify his behavior and listen to you may take some time. Through rewarding, your dog will get the “idea” of obeying you to get his treats.

Once your dog understands what you want to teach him, reward him by petting and verbally praising him so that he knows that he has done something positive! Using hand signals along with verbal commands helps your dog to pick up faster.

Never punish your dog through any physical punishment. Instead, give your dog a stern and firm ‘No!’ when he does something wrong. You can discipline by saying ‘No!’ in a sharp tone or by turning your back to your dog and avoiding eye contact.

Interaction with your dog can help you with the obedience training. Take advantage of any opportunity to build skills with him. Take advantage of all the different reactions, sights, smells, etc. Learn how to interact him in a positive and rewarding ways.

You must teach your dog the command in a consistent way. Use the same command every time. This way, he will make a better association and learn what the command means and learn to follow them.

The way you use the command and the way you reward good behavior will determine whether your dog listens to you and responds quickly and reliably. Smacking your pet or saying angry words should not be part of your training regimen. This will get your dog to associate the bad behavior with the punishment!

If your dog doesn’t get adequate socialization, he is going to have various behavioral issues. These issues will negatively affect your relationship with him and he will be rebellious.

If you do not have time to spend with your dog, then he needs to have other dogs around him so that he can learn the ways of canine life. When your dog is young, he needs to get accustomed seeing and dealing with other dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and your dog will benefit from each other.

Dogs can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare! It depends on what role you take. If you play the role of alpha, then your dog will be more submissive and assertive. This is a very important point. If you have a dog, and you haven’t done this step, then you haven’t done much than just playing with him. You haven’t influenced his decision making or his development and make him listen to you.

Dogs are always making ” proactive decisions “in the sense that they are looking to develop and expand their skills and accept challenges. They are always looking to respond to you, the owner, in a positive way.

Dog training is not that easy, it is not rocket science. You need to have patience and understanding. Do not make your training boring. Keep it delightful, amusing and fun. This is the essential thing in making your dog to listen and obey your commands. Give him the right motivation. Reward him for listening. That’s it.

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This is the “KEY” to the success for your obedience training technique. Trust me, you want to explore this further and, specifically, apply this to how you teach your dog to listen.