How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

Most pet owners agree that dogs are man’s best friend. They are consistently happy to see their owners and spend time with them, loving people and being the sweetest pet to be around with. However, dogs should still be treated as dogs, not as humans. Because of this, dog obedience training is still a necessary to get your pet in control. If you are looking into training your dog or already have a dog in your family, be sure to read up on the following tips on how to train your dog to be obedient.

Training should begin from the first day that you bring a puppy into your home. Dogs, especially puppies, are super-exciting. They are new to your family members and want to explore their surroundings. Puppies may be prone to chewing and biting, but this can be easily overcome with proper dog obedience training.

Training your dog to be obedient and to respect your leadership is also very important. This does not mean that you should scare your dog into submission. Training means taking a strong stance toward your dog.

Dogs are pack animals and respond to a leader. You will need to be that leader so that your dog will trust you and follow your commands. Good dog obedience training lets your dog be happy to interact with you and keeps you safe as well.

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You need to understand how your dog thinks and what you need to do to train him. An example of this is that it is much better to reward your dog for sitting and not barking, rather than barking and not obeying.

The essence of reward-based training is knowing how to motivate your dog to want to do what you ask. The result is a dog who is more willing to do what you ask in order to receive those rewards. For example, it is not enough to simply ask your dog to “sit.” The correct response is a “sit” with your dog using his favorite dog biscuit.

Praise him when he obeys and try to use some negative reinforcement if he misbehavior but don’t punish him if he doesn’t do something right.

Punishment is usually understood as painful or abusive punishment such as hitting, spanking or using choke collars and chains. Emotional or physical punishment could also be termed as punishment as a way to coerce obedience from a dog. How many of you had ever raise your arm to hit your child when you found that he or she is improperly behaved?

Consistency is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of dog obedience training. Be consistent in asking your dog to sit, take him out for a walk, or any other behaviors training that you’re working on.

Don’t make your dog learns one thing and then suddenly change the way you expected him to perform. You’re not only training your dog but also making sure his behavior is consistent with how you want him to behave.

The relationship between you and your dog is a bond – don’t let your dog rule the relationship. When you’re just getting started training your dog, he might be getting confused about who is his leader pack.

Be firm with your puppy and remind him that you’re the “one” in charge. The minute you enter your dog’s world, you need to be the his leader pack in order to catch his attention.

You should do obedience training because you want to get along with your dog and live peacefully together. It’s always better to err on the side of caution than to ignore his bad behavior.

It’s possible to complete basic obedience training within a few days, and your dog may become much more obedient after the first day. If he doesn’t respond well to this type of training, you should consider getting professional help.

You may want to have your dog participate in the classroom training. This way, you can see how he responds to commands and how much time it takes for him to learn something. Obedience training is not about beating or scaring him. It’s about making sure that he knows what to do.

You should always start with the most basic commands and work up from there. If you want to teach him tricks, that’s can be part of your advance training program once your dog had mastered the basic commands.

There are several books that you can read to learn how to train your dog to obey basic commands. These books will help you understand the basics.

The most important aspect of dog obedience training is to establish a really good relationship between you and your pet. Dogs want to please their owners and will do almost anything to do so.

Dogs are, after all, pack animals and want to be obedient. But owners must let their dogs know exactly what commands they are expected to follow. Training a dog does not always have to be a painful task. With a little patience and the right program, you and your dog can be perfect strangers.

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Taking the time to train your pet will be a great thing for him. First of all, remember that training doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be consistent and dominant in your dog behavior, otherwise, he’ll be confused and won’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

You may have a lot of success with this type of training if you are prepared to spend the time and patience to learn. Dogs are very intelligent and they are learning dogs.