How To Train Your Dog For Potty

Training your dog for potty training is an important aspect of potty training. Many dogs go through this process before they are old enough to potty train but for the first few months it is important that they are trained for their own good and that is a lot easier when you have some basic pointers.

The first step in potty training is understanding the basic needs of your pet and what they like to do so that they will understand how to potty train themselves. It can be difficult to understand the first few times that your dog has to go potty as it might be just the first time they have had to do it in weeks or months.

What you need to do is to give them a reward or treat for every successful attempt. This will make them feel special and happy when they go potty. They will soon learn that they have to go the bathroom first and you should always try to get them to do so on their own. Once you have been able to train your dog for potty then it will become a habit and not an event that they dread going to.

After potty training your dog, it is important to take the time to play with him. The main reason why you want to play with your dog is because it will increase his confidence and make them more receptive to your training. When they see that you are happy to see them, they will soon begin to listen to what you say and eventually go potty on their own.

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It might be better if you start to walk him around the house. This helps to get to know him a little better as well as making sure that he understands why you are asking him to do it.

You should start out by asking your dog to go potty in a small place such as the bathroom in your kitchen or even a cupboard in the hallway. You should make this training environment a positive one because your dog needs to learn that potty training is going to be a pleasant experience.

After you have done potty training your dog for the first few times, you should then move to a larger area where you can allow him to go potty. If you have a bigger house or yard, you can move the potty from one spot to another as he gets used to the new place.

When you first started out the training, it is probably not going to be an easy task and at times it can be a little frustrating. The main thing you should remember is that you should never yell at your dog because it will only make things worse. Always try to be as calm as possible and try to praise your dog when he does what he has to do.

You should also encourage him to try to go potty as often as he can. There are several types of reward that you can give your dog like treats, toys or even a dog biscuit but you should be consistent with it.

Once your dog has learned that every time he goes potty he will receive some type of reward then you should slowly reduce the amount of treats you give him each time. Once your dog knows this then it will only be easier for him to work out what you want him to do.

As a rule of thumb you should always make sure that you keep one hand on your dog while you are potty training him. This is to prevent your dog from having accidents or getting injured in any way.

If you have any questions about how to train your dog for potty, you should seek advice from your vet as this will help you gain the most from your dog training sessions. Also you should be sure that your pet is healthy before you begin potty training your dog for the first time as he may need some extra special attention before you start.

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