How To Train A Dog To Be Calm

If you want to learn how to train a dog to be calm, you have to realize that dogs don’t always behave as you would like them to. They are not always predictable. In order to get your dog to behave calm, you will need to understand his personalities. Sometimes he may act up when he is frustrated or anxious. But if you show him love and patience, he will learn to behave in a way that you had hoped for.

The first thing you will have to do is to identify the reason for your dog’s anxiety, fear, excitement or aggressiveness behavior. Many times, correction of behavior will be much easier when your dog is still young.

As your dog ages, things might become more difficult to teach so it is important to work with your vet and dog trainer on new ways of reinforcing good behavior. It is also important to know the right steps to take for training your dog to ease his aggression, fear, excitement and anxiety.

Once you know why your dog acts the way he does, you can begin to work on the obedient training. There are a few things that you will want to do during the training process.

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First, you want to establish a positive relationship with your dog. If you treat him good, he will want to return the favor. This is an important step because it helps to reduce his aggression, fear and anxiety.

There are also some commands that you will need to learn. The first command that you must learn is “Stay.” This command should always be used whenever your dog is showing sign of excitement or aggressiveness with human or animals.

This ensures that he knows that he will not receive affection in return if he does not follow this command. It is important that you are always remained in front of your dog when he is learning this command.

Following the “Stay” command will be the “Down” command. Your dog should sit or lie down whenever he begins to show signs of excitement. These commands will be handy to keep your dog calm in these situations.

When he does, give him praise or a treat. If you are worried that your dog might panic, you can create a special command for him to be quiet. You can use “enough”, “hush” or “quiet”.

When training your dog, be sure to speak to him in a loving voice. When you use a firm voice, your dog may get confused and won’t understand that this means he had done something wrong. Your dog should know when you are pleased with him.

Finally, you should also train your dog to be calm when he is walking alongside with you. If he starts to run ahead of you, then he is likely getting too excited and you may want to make use of dog leash during the initial training till he is able to behave himself or follow your “Stay” command. As you are walking with your dog, he will get into a “routine” and be accustomed to doing a certain behavior every single time. It’s going to be like a habit.

After you had corrected his behavior, you will need to be consistent about it. Consistency is absolutely essential in the obedient and behavior training. You will need to be consistent about how you are going to change your dog’s behavior – when he starts to show his hesitation, fear, excitement, anxiety or aggressiveness – and what is the new behavior that you are looking for.

You want to give your dog the attention that he needs, but you also want to teach him that you are in charge, and he needs to relax and be your subordinate dog. Once he acknowledges you as his pack leader, he will lower his attitude in order to please you. He will want to do whatever you want him to.

You need to re-assure him that you are the Alpha Dog, and he needs to obey you. Any time that he tries to get on your lap or takes a position on your back, firmly tell him “Off” in a tone that lets him know that you are in charge. Make him sit or lie down next to you on the sofa and then give him a treat when he obeys your command.

You will be surprised at how much further you can take your dog when you practice these techniques. You will find that he begins to listen to you and not constantly barking or whining.

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Just like you would want to be loved and accepted, a dog wants to be loved and accepted as well. Pamper your dog every day with love and affection. They will reward you with the same back. You will then begin to see changes in their daily behavior and all will be a hoot.

Your dog will feel more secure and calm when he is with you. You will also begin to enjoy having him around. Training your dog to be calm is not difficult. All you need is consistency, patience, and love.