How To Train A Dog For Toilet

Dog toilet training is the process of training your dog to go to the toilet in the right place, at the right time. It cannot be mastered in one day, however using the correct methods on how to train a dog for toilet will make your training a quicker and less stressful experience for both you and your dog.

You dog will want to go to the toilet any time and any where. This is what makes house training your dog a lot harder and more tiresome, because it means that you have to keep a constant eye on your dog if he is not trained to do his potty correctly.

It is a good idea to take your dog out at specific times each day, so that he gets used to going to the toilet at a particular times. Young puppies won’t want to use the toilet when it is a rowdy party.

Take your dog outside the toilet area every couple of hours and reward him for using the toilet area. Any accidents are your fault not your puppies. If you didn’t catch him in the act, you cannot yell at him or rub his nose for it (he won’t understand anyway). Puppies have short attentions spans so be prepared for a few accidents.

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It is important to bring your puppy outside for potty as soon as he had eaten. This should be done within 15 minutes after his meal. That way, he will get used to going to the toilet outside and you won’t have to take him out every time he eats.

You may wish to give him his own space, such as a crate space or an isolated area with a bed, at night. This can be very important if you don’t want your puppy to climb onto your bed. It can also assist to toilet train him when you are out, as well as to keep him safe and out of trouble.

The basis of crate training is that dogs can be trained to hold their urine for more than a an hour, because they don’t want to soil their sleeping area. So the crate is an excellent aid to house breaking, because it encourages him to control his bladder. But don’t leave him in his crate longer than a few hours.

Always reward your dog with praise and a treat after a successful pee. Make sure you have a good supply of dog treats when you are doing potty training on your dog. If you reward your dog every time he goes to the toilet outdoors, he will quickly learn that going to the toilet is a good thing!

Different breeds of dog varies in their potty frequency. Big dogs usually able to hold their bladder pretty well and would need less potty frequency as compared to small puppies. You will need to adjust the frequency with which you take your dog for potty outside. If you know your dog’s usual pattern, you may want to take him outside every hour or two.

Always keep a lookout for sign that your dog may need to go toilet and takes the necessary actions. If you notice that your dog is pacing and circling, sniffing the ground, whining or barking, these are the signals that your puppy is telling you it’s “potty” time! You may have to act fast to prevent a mess.

It is not a good practice to yell at your dog when you see him trying to go to the toilet in the wrong place. The reason is that when you yell at your dog, he will think that going to the toilet is wrong.

Your pup thinks of the world for three things. One is praise, two is attention and three is food. So when your pup gets a treat or some other form of attention for doing something good, he will do it the next time again and again. If you scold him for his action, you are negative training him. Praise and attention are good things to a pup.

Start toilet training your puppy as soon as possible, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to break its bad habit. When your puppy or dog is conditioned to go to a toilet area and associates that area with going to the toilet, it’s only natural for him to do so in any ‘ordinary’ circumstances. So, taking your dog to the toilet area is a very important first step in your dog toilet training. And it’s absolutely crucial!

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For your dog to be totally happy and comfortable going to the toilet in the correct area, it’s important to introduce this “spot” to his routine. So, let’s say you take your dog out to pee and poop, you can simply play with him in this area, and when he do his potty, you reward him with a dog biscuit and say ‘good dog!’ If you never put him to this area, he simply won’t learn what to do when he needs to go to the toilet!