How To Make A Dog Listen To You

Did you know that having the ability to make a dog listen to you can save you much headaches and accidents? I’m sure many of you reading this article are dog owners and would be very keen to pick up this skill. Dogs are just like people in that they want and need attention. Equipping yourself with this knowledge to train your dog to be obedient!

Dogs are just like young children. You need to get them started on basic commands and introduce them to new ones. For example, if your dog loves to pull you over, you should begin teaching him to stop this behavior. Begin by teaching your dog to heel, and then move on to walk, down, sit and lay down. Once your dog understands these commands, he should no longer pull on you.

To maintain control, you need to be consistent in how you issue commands and follow through. Being consistent is a critical part of training your dog. Always use the same word for each command and reward your dog for obeying them (i.e. to make your dog sit down, use “sit” consistently, don’t switch between “sit” and “sit down” as this wll confuse your pet).

Repeat the commands and reward with treats every time your dog obeys them. After a few goes, you can try the commands without the treat. NEVER use a sharp voice for punishment. This will only invoke a negative response in your dog.

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You need to adopt a positive training attitude with reward and praise to encourage your dog for obedience. This makes a great impact to your dog, and once he had learned to associate obedience with great reward such as tasty snacks and toys, training will be a smooth sailing.

Include hand signals in your dog training as well. Hand signals along with vocal commands work extremely well in getting your dog’s attention. Doing this will make it easy for your dog to understand you all the time.

Clicker training is yet another popular dog training methods. The clicker is a small device which you use to bring the reward of your choice to your dog. It will be an easy task to give the reward by pressing the button so that your dog is aware of the “correct” behavior that he had to follow to earn a reward.

You may also use other form of rewards such as clapping your hands or stroking his head. These are just few of the many means by which you can reward your dog apart from his favorite food or favorite toys.

Some dogs have a very high energy level. If you don’t want your high energy dog to “destroy” your house or have an accident in the yard, then you need to teach him to calm down before he starts to act out. Many times these dogs are brought up to be aggressive, and it’s difficult for them to learn new behaviors, especially to make them listen to you.

If you catch your dog in the act, interrupt him with a loud noise, such as clapping your hands or a quick “no”. Then immediately correct his behavior.

Have you spend sufficient time with your dog? Dogs are very sociable animal. Some dogs will not listen to you unless you really embrace them as part of your family. You would need to know all of your options so that you can work towards having the best relationship with your dog.

Playing with your dog is a good way for you to bond with him and make him want to play with you for awhile. Learning new games and interacting with your dog is a wonderful approach. Even a short period of time spending with your dog can change his behavior. But, you must set the boundaries that must not be broken. Playtime can be the thing that stops all behavior problems.

Dogs are pack animals and look up to their leader of the pack to instruct them on what behaviors to exhibit. Therefore your dog shall only listen to your commands if you are his alpha dog. You need to earn his trust.

Routine is everything. So, when it comes to your dog, make sure he knows that you are the leader and that he needs to follow your rules. This will keep him in line and remind him that you are the boss. You should prove that you are a good trainer and your dog will become more obedient with time and end up loving you.

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Dogs craves for human contact. They want to be loved. There is nothing more frustrating than having a dog that barks non-stop and never stops. If you have never been able to train your dog and gets him listening to you, I hope that this posting will be useful to you. This is where training a dog should start.

Your dog wants to please you and listen to you. Giving him praise for a good deed, or even a treat like ice cream is very good for him. So don’t stress and be consistent. With a little practice, you will have an obedient dog!