How To House Train An Adult Dog

From personal experience I find that adult dogs will sometimes eliminate indoors, but mostly only when they are extremely excited or upset about something. If a dog is excited or happy he might do a quick urination! Anxiety related issues may sometimes also lead a dog to eliminate in the house. To avoid these issues, you would need to know how to house train your adult dog.

Crate training is a popular method of housetraining any adult dog, and it works with dogs as old as eight years old. The use of a crate can help significantly with a picky or difficult adult dog. The decision is up to you. If you think a crate is mandatory, be sure it’s not too large. You want him to be able to turn around comfortably and stretch out. If your dog is going to be in the crate for a long period of time, he needs a high-quality crate.

The idea of a crate is that a dog won’t want to eliminate where he sleeps. That’s why dogs have their own special dens. The crate should be only large enough to be his own “den.” It’s a good idea to allow him to go around the house once a while when he is out of the crate. It would be very boring to him to be in the crate all day long and giving him a chance to roam around the house will make his day lively!

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You can put a blanket inside the crate to make it more comfortable for your dog. As a general rule, avoid using anything too expensive, such as a carpeted dog bed. By the time he’s housetrained, he’ll have a good idea of where he’s supposed to go and will be unwilling to soil his den.

Remember that even when your dog is old and maybe not as active as he used to be, he still love his sleep. You will need to meet his need for a comfortable place to call his own (crate) with a soft bed.

I would suggest to get a waterproof dog bed. If your dog has any problems with incontinence, a waterproof bed will lessen the chance that any accidents will occur. Waterproof dog bed is made to be absorbent and easy to clean.

Squeaky toys can be a favorite for older dogs, and there are a variety of other options, including rubber balls that make audible noises that dogs like.

When you spot the accident created by your dog, you should correct him instantly. If you punish him at the wrong time (after he had finished the action), he will not know what he had done wrong because the punishment would have happened when he was not even aware that he did anything wrong.

Supervision is the most important task in potty training your dog. If you catch him in the act of eliminating in the house, distract him by clapping in his presence, pick him up and quickly take him to his potty spot.

Pick a potty spot that is not too far from the kitchen or wherever you want him to go in the yard. If you see him sniffing or circling in a particular spot, take him to the designated potty spot right away.

When your dog had done his potty correctly, be sure to reward him with a treat. He needs to learn that he is going to get a treat when he eliminates in the correct spot.

if you consistently watch your dog when he is about to do his potty, you will begin to recognize the signs that he needs to relieve himself. Your goal is to try to catch them before he relieve himself, and reward him for going to the correct potty area. As soon as you see these signals, bring him out for potty immediately.

You should also train your dog to listen and obey your verbal commands such as “wee” or “poo poo” for his potty. In time to come, once you says these command, he will know that if he goes pee poo, he gets a treat!

If you see your dog doing something wrong, don’t yell at him or rub his nose in it, because that will probably upset him. Instead, take him to his potty spot, and give him the command to go. Reward him when he is done with his potty.

Most dogs need to go for potty once they had finished their meals or after a nap. Look for any potty signal that your dog is sending out to you – Is he sniffing? Is he circling? If he is still not ready for his potty, put him back in his crate for about ten minutes, and then try again.

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You cannot expect your dog to come to you and let you train him just like you would for a human. You will have to earn his respect – be the leader pack. If you accomplishes this, you will be surprised at how easy house training your adult dog is going to be.

Training your dog to go potty in a designated area is important for both you and him. Everyone will be happier in the long run when your dog is well trained. And you’ll be happier too.