How To Become The Alpha Dog With Your Puppy

Learning how to become the alpha dog with your puppy is not an easy task. It takes determination and patience to be able to train your dog properly. You must first identify what behavior is acceptable and what is not. When you are able to determine what behavior is unacceptable, then you can begin to develop a training plan to achieve proper behavior training with your puppy.

Your goal should be to become the alpha dog that your pet respects and trusts. If you are able to establish yourself as this type of dominant dog, then your puppy will listen to you and do as what you tell him to do. Here are some tips on how to become the alpha dog with your puppy.

First, understand that dogs are pack animals. They live in packs and each dog in the pack has a place in the hierarchy. Just as each dog has a place at the top of the pack you must have a place at the top of the pack and you do that by being the pack leader.

Dogs respect a pack leader and if you are the alpha dog in the pack then your puppy will also respect you. This is why it is important to exercise control and not to display dominance.

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One way that you can be the alpha is not to acknowledge your puppy the moment he comes to you. Even when he is begging for something, let your puppy knows that it is important to listen to you and that you are the alpha leader. Make him knows that you are in charge.

If you are too dominant in your training, you are likely going to scare your puppy and he will fear you. Only when he sees you as the head of the pack, he will listen to you faithfully. This is how to become the alpha dog with your puppy.

To do this, you must be sure to reward him for being good. It is just a simple fact that if you reward your puppy and he knows that he’s getting good praise for doing a good job, he will want to continue getting good, because he knows that what he is doing is making you happy and earning him a reward. A win-win situation.

When you look down on your dog or treat him bad, he will in turn return that same treatment to you. If you show your submissiveness in your dog training, then your puppy will respect you and see you as his pack leader. You will find that training your dog properly will make him a much happier pet because he will be able to trust you and listen to you.

Your puppy will need to be trained so that you can establish dominance over him. You will need to be the leader of his pack. This is not hard to accomplish as long as you understand how your dog thinks. Once you know what your puppy expects from you, then you can easily establish your dominance.

If you do not take the leadership role. you will have an unhappy puppy, who is unpredictable and impossible to train and manage. He has no other way to express himself but to voice his confusion, fear and uncertainty in a indefinitely growing list of ways and you can’t get away from it.

Behavior such as barking at you when you try to move him from position, bites and snaps when you try to remove her from a dangerous situation are some of the frustration your puppy had.

Consistency is pretty important when you are trying to train your puppy. You have to continue to make sure that you are the boss, and he needs to do as you direct. Your consistency, and your efforts to gain the respect of your puppy, will help you see success pretty quickly.

With some guidance, and plenty of patience, you can’t go wrong. Just do what you really have to do (you wants to be his leader) if you want your puppy to listen to you. You should never hit or shout at him. Train him to listen and obey you using positive reinforcement training approaches.

If you don’t start as soon as possible, your puppy won’t learn anything. He needs to learn now. Don’t delay, don’t let your puppy drift away into an adult dog when the training (to be his alpha dog) will be much tougher.

Training your puppy needs not be a chore and it won’t be something that you feel that you have to do continuously. If you set a regular training schedule and stick to it, you will find that the training gets easier and more enjoyable!

There are many ways that you can be the alpha-pack leader, and nothing really involves getting physical with your puppy. Believe in your ability to lead and be confident as you train him to listen to you.

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With time and proper training, your puppy will look up to you as his alpha-pack role in your home. When you establish that role, his desire to resist that role will disappear. He will want to do what you wants. That’s the desire of being a subordinate member of the pack.

When you establish yourself in the alpha-pack leader role, your dog’s self-esteem will also improve. He will want to live a happy, content life just because you are the alpha-pack leader, not because he wants to dominate you.