What To Do If A Dog Attacks Your Dog

What To Do If A Dog Attacks Your Dog

It is common to see a situation when a dog attacks another dog on various different occasions, and you may be thinking of what to do if a dog attacks your dog? This is certainly not an unfounded worry as these types of “incidents” typically happen in an environment when your dog is surrounded by … Read more

How To Stop Aggressive Puppy Behavior

Are you looking for ways on how to stop aggressive puppy behavior if your little one is giving your trouble? Puppies as young as one month can be aggressive to their owners. Most of these behaviors have a cause and what you need is to find out the causes. Understanding the triggers that cause your … Read more

How To Stop A Dog Aggressive Behavior

Are you thinking of ways on how to stop a dog aggressive behavior? If you are, so this article is for you. First of all, it is important that we talk about aggression in dogs. Aggressive behavior in a dog is a serious matter, especially if your dog has caused serious injury to another dog, … Read more

Reward Based Training For Dogs

Uncontrolled barking, digging, chewing and other behavior problems are just annoying and a waste of time and energy. The results of allowing your dog to misbehave are not desirable for everyone. This is why reward based training for dogs are so popular as this training approach works well to make any dog obedient! In fact, … Read more

How To Make A Dog Listen To You

Did you know that having the ability to make a dog listen to you can save you much headaches and accidents? I’m sure many of you reading this article are dog owners and would be very keen to pick up this skill. Dogs are just like people in that they want and need attention. Equipping … Read more