Best Ways To House Train A Puppy

Puppies can sneak behind furniture or in closets when they are feeling out of control, and the worst happening is soiling all around your house when you get back home. Thus, it’s important to find out the best ways to house train a puppy when you bring him back home.

Puppies grow up quickly, and when they are first brought home they are just curious about everything. It is during this time that you must watch your puppy like a hawk, since they will go anytime and any place when they smell a urine.

There are many different methods of potty training. Some are easier, and others may be more time consuming. Choosing the most suitable method will depend on a number of different factors.

Papers: This is by far the most popular method and, in my opinion, is the best way to start. Placing newspapers in a specific location (maybe the bathroom, or kitchenites) and encouraging your puppy to use this area as the toilet area. When your puppy does use the paper, you should praise him for his efforts.

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Direct Training: This is teaching your puppy to go potty outside or the indicative household. This method is extremely effective, but can be a bit clumsier to teach and master. To teach your puppy to go potty outdoors you will need to take him outside to go potty right after he eats or takes a nap. Always take him out to go potty before his bed time as well.

While your puppy is being house trained, you should watch out for signs that he is getting ready to go to the bathroom, so that you can hustle him to his appointed spot quickly.

You may find that when your dog needs to go potty he will actually starts whining nonstop, so you must pay very close attention to this signal and acts promptly.

A good way to motivate your dog to go potty outside is to feed him with a treat straight out of your pocket and then walk him on a leash to the exact spot in the yard where he is allowed to go potty.

He will quickly get the message that when he goes potty in this area, he gets a treat. He will also begin to associate the yard with his potty time, and not the dining room table or other location that he might have considered acceptable to go potty at.

Another consideration in choosing a potty spot for your puppy is to make sure that it is clean. Before you identify such an area, ensure that it is clean and safe for your puppy and easy to clean.

Don’t play with your puppy during potty training! That will only teach the puppy bad habits. If you catch your puppy doing something bad, like relieving himself on your carpet, say “No”, and take him outside. When he goes, praise him. Then he can play with the rest of the family.

All family members have to be consistent. It is important to have common understanding among your family members that only give praise when your puppy is being good. Tell everyone to use the same words when praising your puppy, so that he can learn the meaning of the words. This is why it is so important that everyone uses the same words when praising him.

Potty training requires patience and consistency, but the outcome is rewarding. This will train your puppy to let you know when he needs to go potty by giving you signal such as sniffing the ground or turning in circles, so that you can be proactive and take him out before he gets a chance to break the mold.

There are a lot of ways to potty train a puppy. Choose one, and stick with it until your puppy is fully trained. Stick to an schedule, and feed your puppy at the same time each day, and keep a constant eye on him. Your puppy will respond with eager anticipation as he knows that potty time is “outside” time.

By potty training your puppy properly, you’ll be able to say to him, “Go potty,” and he’ll happily go, knowing that you have a wonderful reward for him later. Potty training can be time consuming, but the reward is a warm, loving, happy dog. Your dog will “go potty wherever you want him to go.”

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Puppies demand a lot of attention. If you have ever seen a puppy at play who seems to be having the time of his life, it is probably because he is tired of being cooped up in his cage or in the back yard or being alone. Make sure that you spend adequate time with your new puppy each day so as to build and strengthen your bond with him.