Basic Dog Training Ideas

There are basic dog training ideas that have been developed over the years. The key to training your dog is patience and repetition. These methods should be used in conjunction with one another, so that your dog can learn the correct behavior.

Dogs are creatures of habit and they will respond very well to repetition of training. If you are constantly taking your dog out for walks, you are teaching him to get into a routine and there should be a reward when he does something right.

The dog training ideas that use treats are not only popular, but also are safe for your dog. It is better to feed treats that your dog would naturally eat. A good example of this would be food specially made for smaller dogs. You will be able to give your dog what it likes without causing any harm to it. You will also be able to monitor how much your dog is eating and this will help you if you are ever concerned about your dog’s weight.

Using verbal commands or positive reinforcement is one of the dog training ideas that you should practice. When you start training your dog, talk to him calmly and use only positive words. Do not yell at your dog for the wrong behavior. You cannot expect obedience from your pet if he had never been trained to do so.

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Look for dog training ideas that deal with communication and leadership. This is the basis of how a dog knows what it wants or does not want. It is not enough to simply make it obey a command, it must have a means of communicating the command to him. You will also need to be able to show your dog to respect other dogs.

If your dog shows any type of aggression, you may find dog training ideas that deal with aggression training that are appropriate for that situation.

Positive reinforcement is another dog training area to focus on. This is a great way to ensure that you are not scaring or punishing your dog for inappropriate behavior. You will have to determine what works best for your dog and your personal needs.

If you cannot get your dog’s attention or keep him from wandering off, confine him or watch him carefully. You do not want any accidents in your home. Dogs are easily house-trained, but even older ones take time to train.

People’s reactions to their dogs can make a big difference. Sometimes people will underestimate the dog’s intelligence. The dog knows what he is allowed to do, but he also knows what he isn’t allowed to do. If you praise him when he does something right, then he knows he is on the right track.

The most important thing you can do is to understand your dog and communicate clearly, distinctly and consistently. Being consistent should be your mindset during training, not a parent’s mindset.

Use your dog’s name positively. As a tip, think of a question you would like your dog to answer, then use his name in the command. You might want him to sit, stay, fetch, roll over, etc. Change his name a bit. It sounds like a new command, but his response will be different.

All of these puppy training ideas can be used with just a few simple techniques. All that is required is patience, a little trial and error and plenty of praise and encouragement from you to your dog to encourage him so as to make the training a success.

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You should consider all of these dog training ideas and decide what works best for you and your dog. Most importantly, remember to keep in mind that it is not always good to punish your dog because it is a learning process that needs to be repeated.

There are many books and websites out there that will provide you with many dog training ideas. Books that are written by professionals and someone who is both qualified and experienced in this field would be trustworthy.