Why Dog Training Is Important

Dogs are constantly learning, and training helps to provide mental and physical stimulation for them. This is why dog training is important for them. They have a natural instinctive to please their owner, and when they know exactly what is expected from them, they will be more than willing to do so.

If you train your dog to behave properly and go where he is supposed to go, it will certainly ease the stress and anxiety for both you and your pet. He will also learn to respect your authority and follow your instructions. You will benefit from having a happier and obedience puppy.

This is especially important for pet owners who live in a large, crowded city. Dogs are not supposed to bark constantly. However, if your pet barks for no reason at all, your neighbors might complain to the animal control and you could get fined for animal cruelty. The same goes for barking at other dogs.

To start, begin by understanding how your dog learns best. Obviously, dogs don’t think the same way we do. With that in mind, there are some things you can use to make dog training easier. Keep reading to learn what they are and how to implement them.

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  1. Use your tape recorder or camera to observe your dogs behavior. specially when they’re not being trained.
  2. Keep a close eye on your dog, at all times. Don’t let them get close to medications. or toxic chemicals. These things can be fatal if your dog ingests them.
  3. Use a variety of verbal commands. No need to use long phrases like “sit down” or “stay away.” If you don’t want him to do something, just say “no.” Be firm on your voice.
  4. Make sure everyone in the household understands your dog training rule and follow strictly. This will avoid causing confusion on your dog.
  5. Keep a log of your training activities so that you can always reference back to the list and plan your training more easily.
  6. Plan your training and still to the schedule closely. Don’t keep changing your training session a few hours here and there. Each training session should not be longer than five minutes. Everyone in the house needs to be on the same page.
  7. Use your dog’s name consistently. Use his name to get him to look at you throughout his training. Your dog’s name should accompany each command that you give. Use his name when you praise him or when you reward him.

Repetition is the number one principle of dog training. Your dog will only comprehend what is being taught if you reinforce the action with another command, or a treat or toy.

Adding a cue (a verbal command) to the action is important to the success of basic dog training. When you are training your dog to come when called, you might start with the command “come.”

There also some specific obedience commands that your dog should learn such as sit, stand, heel, down, stay and more. These commands are very important in being able to communicate with other dogs and controlling different behaviors.

A well-trained dog can only be obedient when he follows the orders that you give him in all situations. Thus, obedience training will help you make your dogs obedient and respectful towards others, including their animal packs.

Have you heard about clicker training? This type of training is a positive reinforcement. Clicker training consists of a small box that makes a clicking sound when you press it with your thumb that let your dog know that he is doing something good.

That clicking sound is the reward that reinforces the correct behavior. You can also reward your dog with treats or toys, depending on what he wants. There are numerous websites that teach you how to use a clicker.

Although most people think that they should reward their dog when he obeys, there are some who also think that scolding and punishing a dog for not obeying a command is a way to teach.

Personally, I’m in more favor of rewarding rather than punishment on my puppy if he did any things wrongly or misbehavior. Dogs who are rewarded for good behavior become more likely to repeat the good behavior. These methods (scolding and punishment) really don’t teach the dog in any meaningful way, and certainly don’t succeed in effectively correcting a dog’s behavior. In fact, this makes your pet more fearful of you!

It is important to be aware that training a dog is a bit like teaching a young kid how to behave in a variety of circumstances. Even though a dog may be intelligent enough to learn quickly, it is still going to be a long term process and requires a lot of patience and understanding from the trainer.

A properly trained dog can protect one’s home and family. A dog that is well-behaved and well-controlled can provide a sense of security and safety in any home or any place that the dog goes to. Dogs will never harm humans if they are properly trained. A well-trained dog is always a pleasure to have around, making your life joyous.

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People don’t need to be dog experts to train their own dogs. In fact, anyone can train their own dogs provided they’re in tune with how their dog learns best. It doesn’t matter whether you have a professional dog trainer helping you or you’re taking part in a basic dog training course online , the principles remain the same.