Training An Outdoor Dog

Do you have any idea on how to train an outdoor dog? Well, for those who don’t, it can be quite a challenge. Just because of these dog’s personality, they can be quite stubborn and hard to deal with. They are strong willed by nature and that makes them rather disobedient and resist from training most of the time.

Also these dogs have been bred for centuries as hunting and herding creatures so their instincts had been trained to be so. If they feel threatened or anxiety, they will surely attack the invader.

You must remain calm when training your outdoor dog. Do not get stressed out. It is very frustrating to see your cute dog acting silly or aggressive. Remember, training your dog should be fun and not a source of stress. So when training him, learn to relax. Patience is the key to your training success.

You will also need to allocate sufficient time to play with them daily. It is a known fact that dogs love playing around. This is especially true when you train your dog to be obedient. If you want your dog to be well trained, play with him every chance you get.

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Keep in mind that you are responsible for your dog’s outdoor behaviors. Don’t ignore your animal’s behavior just because you don’t want to deal with it. You should always act accordingly. Don’t just give in when he jumps on you or run around you; this will only create behavior problems later on.

Any form of physical discipline is a NO go. Remember to never discipline your outdoor dog through physical means. Don’t hit or yell at him, or use any other form of mistreatment. As much as possible, don’t resort to hitting your dog. Doing so will only lead to negative bonding. When it comes to discipline, never use fear as a motivator.

Make it a point to ensure that your outdoor dog gets adequate exercise daily. Exercise should comprise of both physical and mental activities. In order to properly train your dog, you need to develop an interest in him. Make it a priority to spend time every day training your pet.

Attention, again, is a basic need that your outdoor dog needs. If your dog is constantly barking for no apparent reason, it could be that he is lonely and wants to catch your attention. This is when you wants to make sure that there is some activities that keep him busy throughout the day.

You should also add in hand signals along with commands so that your dog will be in better position to learn more of what you want him to do. Just remember, you will have to be consistent. Your dog will learn the commands, but you have to be consistent with the command phrase.

Remember, you have to get his attention. So, have someone move your dog just near enough for you to be able to speak softly. After you speak your command, you will want to give him a treat if he performs the command obediently. Reward him will create a positive reinforcement that makes your dog wants to do it (action or behavior) again. And the effort (to make your dog obedient) starts to pay off by establishing clear rules of behaviors that “stick” with him through reward based training.

A dog, for whatever reason, feels he needs to mark his territory and will usually avoid going to certain areas. This is normal behavior, and you should be able to segregate a new area in your backyard by running a fence wire across the area to designate that region as his playground.

Dogs like to play and interact with their owners and they want to please their masters. Dogs need to be exposed to other dogs as well as to people outside of their family pack. This is good for the dog and for the owner. Remember, if your dog is exposed to enough activities, he will become a well-behaved dog.

Dog is a highly trainable animal. Just remember to be patient with him and always have fun during the training. Keep in mind that training your dog is something that should be done with love and attention.

Make sure that your dog gets an adequate amount of time in the training session with lot of fun. All dogs like to please. They will work very hard to do anything for you that can possibly make you happy.

Be creative. Let your dog learns to play fetch and chase balls, tug and pull or any other behaviors that you would like to teach him. By using a variety of ways to train him, you’ll keep him from getting bored.

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Spending even 5 minutes of your day for a training session will help to build his trust on you. It’s really a win-win situation for both you and him. He’ll learn, you’ll learn. Dogs learn best through repetition and association. Always end your training session on a positive note. Do it and keep doing it.

And as you train him, you are avoiding a destructive pattern of activities, and thereby providing him with an opportunity to explore and learn how to be confident, cool, and obedient!