Tips On Potty Training A Dog

When you are starting to potty train a dog, it is important that you do it properly. You may be able to do it yourself, but it will take time and patience. Here are some tips on potty training a dog.

it is important to begin potty training shortly after bringing your puppy home. Ideally, you will begin to potty train your puppy between 3-6 months of age.

The following are our best puppy house training tips that will help you quickly and effectively house train your new puppy.

When you begin potty training a dog, it is best to keep the puppy in its crate most of the time. This will ensure that your pet won’t do anything that could cause it to urinate outside.

When your puppy first starts out going to the bathroom, give it a small bowl to use. When it stops peeing outside, remove the bowl and make sure your pet isn’t playing with it.

If you don’t catch your puppy in the act, you shouldn’t punish them. Your puppy won’t know what they did wrong because of the emotional pain associated with it (not realizing they caused the mess).

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When you catch him in the act, simply say “no” firmly, and pick him up without straining on his neck. Then quickly carry him outside, guide him on the leash to the correct potty area, and say the command “go potty.” If he goes potty, praise him lavishly (and maybe even give him a treat).

Basic house training commands, such as “go potty,” should be practiced daily at an early age. Your puppy will master these commands, which mean that you can eventually stop using the crates, puppy pads, and training pads that you have so far used.

If you want to teach your dog to go on command, put on your watchful eye. As your dog is sniffing the floor, take him outside to the toilet area saying, “go potty!” If he eliminates, praise him and reward him with a treat.

Then bring your dog back inside and place him in his crate and place the water bowl away from his toilet area. Wait until the dog is again rearing to eliminate and then take him outside to his toilet area again. If you wait too long, your dog will think that he has to go potty every hour and you will have a hard time breaking him of his bad habit.

You should be patient and expect that your puppy will not immediately grasp the rules of potty training. He is unlikely to be able to be trained to “go” outdoors for potty in a short time. When he fails to go potty in the correct spot, move him to his potty spot and say “go potty.” When he does go potty, praise him lavishly.

Do keep in mind that if you move him to his potty spot too soon, he may not understand that he should go potty there. In the beginning, at least, you need to be patient with your puppy if you want him to succeed.

If you are using “praise” or “reward” to train your dog on potty, you must praise or give him his reward EVERY TIME he accomplishes a goal. If you don’t praise him every single time he go potty, he won’t understand what he is being praised for.

I have found that after a while, when you need to leave the house, your dog will hold it until you come back. When this happens, you must immediately take them outside to his potty spot. When he do go potty, praise them lavishly.

If you use a treat as a reward, your dog will come to understand that going potty will get him this tasty treat, and after a while, he will have no problem going potty when you ask him to so.

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The tips on potty training a dog is quite simple. By making sure you follow some basic tips, you should be able to teach your puppy to do potty correctly without soiling your home.