Potty Training Techniques For Puppies

Are you hoping to have your beloved puppy be trained to do potty outside? Puppies who are potty trained to use outdoor “bathroom” were better able to find solace in the wild, so to speak, rather than being indoors. If you are one of those dog owners, please read on as I have some awesome potty training techniques for puppies ready for you.

Potty Training Basics

The first step in training a puppy or a dog is to be aware of what it takes to house train your new pet. Be mentally prepared that it is going to be a time consuming process and need lots of patience and dedication, but do not let it frustrate you.

Most puppies will need to relieve themselves after every meal, and after waking from a nap. Set a routine for taking your puppy outside. You should take her outside to her potty area approximately every 2 hours, up to 4 times per day. When your puppy relieves herself, praise her softly, and then bring her back home.

If your puppy is a medium or large breed, she will likely need to relieve herself more often. This may mean frequent trips outside, especially in the early morning and in evening times. In this case, consider crate training your puppy if you have challenge making yourself available for her.

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Give your puppy lots of hugs and rub her neck or her back when she does the potty correctly and telling her how wonderful she is. Always reward her when she goes potty outside.

The most important part of the potty training is the communication. You need to carefully select the words you will use on your pet. Stay away from the general word such as “potty”, as your puppy may easily associate this command with indoor potty rather than doing it outdoor.

Instead, use the word “outside” or “go potty”. It is possible to use a combination of these words, but it is important that the same word should not used for two different commands as this will confuse your puppy.

You are probably used to hear commands such as “go potty outside”, but it may be an “alien” to your dog since this may be the very first time that she had ever heard of this term. This is why consistency plays a vital role in the success of your potty training. When you use the same command repeatedly, your dog will be able to remember them and associate it with the right actions.

Puppies have a very short attention span, so make sure that your potty training session is not longer than 10 mins. You will have to constantly keep an eye on her to make sure that she doesn’t get into trouble or get it wrong.

If you have a young puppy, you need to provide a consistent approach in your potty training. There are a number of different methods including rewarding with a food treat, using a verbal command or even praising your pup with a gentle pat. Reward is still the key to improve the results you are looking for.

One important thing to remember is to always use positive reinforcement and give your dog lots of attention. Never ever punish your dog after an accident as this may incur fear in her and she might be reluctant to be trained further.

All dogs respond to reward and punishment in different ways. Obviously, dogs respond to reward in the form of attention and treats. Punishment on the other hand, is a way to either frighten the dog or teach them that certain behaviors, such as nipping or chewing are not acceptable. Never punish a dog for mistakes. That is the last thing that you want for your puppy. Make sure to reward them for behaviors that meet your expectations.

Consistency is a key. Consistently reinforces the good behavior and ignores bad behavior to ensure that your puppy remembers the what is right and wrong behavior.

Whether you’re potty training your puppy from the comfort of your own home, or training her to learn to relieve herself outside, the key to success is to let your puppy associate the experience with a good and desirable reward.

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Potty training a puppy (or adult dog) takes time and commitment like it does for the humans. As with training a child, observation is the key to correcting unwanted behavior.