Potty Training A Pitbull Puppy

So you have brought your new Pitbull Puppy home, now the hard work begins. The excitement of a new puppy is in the air. Everyone in the family is excited. But you are especially eager to get started potty training him to prevent any soiling in the home. In fact, potty training a Pitbull puppy is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will ever face as a pet owner.

While every dog breed requires some work after you take them home, a Pit Bull needs to be trained much more differently than other dogs. Not only will your Pit Bull need more patience but also more guidance from you. If you are ready to get your pet potty trained, this article would be handy.

Before getting into the potty training process, you should always start by making sure that your puppy is healthy. One of the biggest problems for most dog owners is that they aren’t sure if their Pit Bull puppy is able to use the bathroom at will. Ensure that there isn’t any health related issue that causing his accidents.

When you are ready to embark on the potty training program, keep in mind to keep the training session short. Remember, this is not an exercise or grooming session for your puppy. It is simply a time to teach your Pit Bull where he is supposed to do his potty. Try to stick to his potty training schedule, and he will gradually learn to carry out his potty correctly.

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You can potty train your puppy to go at a certain time every day so that he gets accustomed to it. This will help him to learn a schedule for when he should be ready to go to the bathroom. You should also feed your puppy on a schedule as well. That way, he gets to know when he will get fed and when he should do his potty.

There are several times of day that are recommended for potty training your Pit Bull. Usually it would in the early morning, after each meal, after he is awake from his nap and lastly, before his night sleep. Of course, the best way to figure out when your Pit Bull puppy needs to go is to observe him for a while.

If you notice your Pit Bull is having an accident, simply pick him up and place him on the designated potty spot. Don’t yell at him or spank him. This neither teaches him anything, nor is helpful. Just don’t reward him, and he will get the point. You need to be patient and gentle with your Pit Bull puppy. Let him learn at his own pace.

When your Pit Bull does his business correctly, praise him and give him a treat. Continue to reward him each time he goes to the potty. Remember, he is also doing it to please you. Puppy potty training involves close supervision, so you need to stay close to your Pit Bull to enable you to reward him for going to the right place!

Giving him a treat as a reward is a brilliant idea. It not only helps him to learn what to do, but it also helps him to build bond with you. If you reward your puppy each time he goes to the toilet correctly, he will be more willing and able to wait the odd period to go outside. The odd time is all it takes for your Pit Bull to learn where he needs to go for his elimination, and he certainly won’t want to do it in the home he lives in.

Get your puppy outside to use the bathroom as often as possible. The more often you train your Pit Bull to do his potty, the sooner he will recognize the right place to perform his pee and poo.

Use a certain phrase or even a special word like “potty” while you are going through different aspects the potty training. This will make your puppy’s associate these word with his potty action. When your Pit Bull has done his business in the correct place, give him lots of praise, affection, a treat and a big hug.

This will help to reinforce the positive behavior that he had just accomplished. You want to keep your puppy in safe places while doing potty training. It is important to set up a confinement area as a potty spot, and not simply tethering him to a pole in the yard.

If you want to get a specific word command across to your puppy for potty training, you can use a combination of words like “go potty”, “do business” or “potty time”. Just make sure that everyone in your household uses the same word for a given command so that your Pit Bull will not get confused.

If you are too busy to watch your puppy closely, there are several things you can do. Firstly, you can use a crate to confine your puppy when you are not at home. This works because even in the most unlikely event your Pit Bull does eliminate in his crate, you can quickly clean it up and hopefully get rid of the smell, so that he can no longer smell where he eliminates.

It is important that you keep a positive attitude as you go through the training process. Remember, this is something that you want to happen to your Pit Bull, so be patient and keep your head in the right place.

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Having a new puppy can be a great thing, but it also requires double the patience you have now. You will need to have the patience to potty train him, as well as the patience to continue training.

Accidents will happen. You cannot avoid them altogether, but patiently and persistently is the way to have your Pit Bull Puppy trained. Keep in mind that no matter how fast he learns, it would still take a while before he is fully potty train. This is a road that takes time to travel, so be patient.