Pitbull Puppy Training Tips

Knowing the personality of a dog through its breed will help you predict the dog’s behavior. For example, a pitbull puppy is likely to have the characteristics of intelligent, strong-willed, loyal, courageous and affectionate.

Knowing the breed characteristics and motivations will help you to customize your training techniques to fit the personality of the pet.

Pit Bulls is usually considered as a “special” breed of dog because of his unique set of behaviors and characteristics. Some Pit Bulls can be more dominant than others and even possess a slight aggression. It’s important to equip yourself with some Pitbull puppy training tips to teach your pet how to behave accordingly.

Trainings which are essential for your new PitBull include socialization, obedience training and crate training. You should never attempt to train your puppy alone. Always include at least one other person during the training process. This will help increase your dog’s understanding of his surroundings and will slowly decrease any aggression that he may display towards other people or towards dogs.

To start with the socialization training, take your puppy out for a walk regularly so that he can be exposed to different sounds and smells. The best way to do this is to walk your dog to different areas of your yard, so he can get used to different scents and appearances.

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You want to do this slowly and be sure your puppy feels comfortable. You have to remember that your sweet little dog does have fears and phobias that will arise during the training. You can start by keeping the environment calm and controlled, which is preferably in your yard rather than a dog park. Do not immediately take your dog into a public place, as many dogs have a fear of dogs that they may not know. They may see this as a chance to attack.

As your puppy matures and becomes more confident, it will be okay for you to loosen your rules about the socialization. For instance, you may want to allow your Pitbull to interact with other dogs that are over one year of age.

When your Pitbull puppy is 12 weeks old, he will be ready to learn what acceptable behavior is. You must still be careful though to keep things calm and positive. Keep the training session short as your pet had short attention span.

When you socialize your puppy, you are setting up the conditions in which he will learn what are the acceptable behaviors in socialized situations. Of course, you can’t eliminate some of his “bad” behaviors instantly, but by keeping him from being abusive or aggressive is your aim. Most of these behaviors are easily taught with a little time and effort.

Your training should also include teaching him how to follow commands and to be obedient. Always remember that you are the head of the pack and that commands should always be obeyed.

Be consistent in applying commands and don’t allow your dog to skip out on them. By being firm, consistent and fair with your training, you will be rewarded with obedience and proper behavior from your pet.

If your puppy is crate trained, when you bring him home, you should let him get familiar with his crate. Place the crate in an area of the house that is within your sight of view. Leave the door open, but never force your Pitbull to go into the crate. Make the crate cozy by having blanket, toys and foods in it. This will “lure” your puppy to go into the crate and over a period of time, he will grow to like his crate as he looks upon it as his den.

Your puppy will go into the crate at his own accord. It is also a good idea to give your Pitbull something good to chew on while he is in the crate. The crate should become a place that is safe and enjoyable. It should never be associated with punishment.

Your pet should be kept on a leash. Although you love your puppy, you would want him to learn how to respect your authority. By using a leash, you are more likely to have him listen to you and follow your commands. As a result, you will also avoid having an unruly Pitbull that gets into mischief. Dogs who don’t listen to their owners often do things that are out of their own control and that can lead to many problems.

Always reward your Pit Bull puppy when he has done something right. If he is willing to obey your commands, then you should let him receive some sort of praise so that he knows that he has done a good job. Praising and rewarding your Pit Bull when he has done what you ask will make him want to do more of it. This will help reinforce his positive behavior even more.

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You have to work hard to understand your puppy and the different behaviors he exhibits. Remember that positive reinforcement will make your Pit Bull obedient and calm, so you should always reward him for any good behavior. Also make sure that you keep the training appropriate and constant.

Pit bulls can be, overall, a wonderful breed to own. Due to their strength, speed, and athleticism, they have been an option for some families for many years. They are very loyal, loving, and energetic, making them a great choice for families with small children.