Obedience Training For A Dog

If your dog constantly barks, attacks other dogs, or tries to bite people and other animals, then you need to consider obedience training for your dog. Basic obedience training for a dog is very important as a badly behaved dog often reflects badly on its owner.

If your dog has aggressive behavior, a basic obedience training course will be helpful. In fact, the earlier that you begin your training, the better off you will be.

As dogs get older, they become more independent. If you keep them in your home with you for too long, they may develop behaviors that are not in their best interest. The sooner you begin training, the sooner they will learn.

Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Most dogs want to please their owners, so try to spend as much time with them as possible.

Reward good behavior with treats, praise, or play time. Make sure to train them at the same time each day. This will increase the dog’s confidence and make it easier to obey your commands.

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If you have multiple dogs, then positive reinforcement may be more effective than obedience training alone.

Motivation for dogs is the ability to reward actions that he performs. This is what motivates his behavior. You want to reward the behaviors that you want your dog to have. The main choices are food, affection and exercise.

When the food reward didn’t work, I resorts to the kennel. When he starts growling and wouldn’t let up, I put him in the kennel with his favorite toy, or gave him a favorite chew toy.

Try setting up a reward schedule with your multiple dogs, where they all get a certain amount of time together during the day to do their own thing. This allows them to socialize with each other without constantly being distracted. This will allow your dog time to grow and learn new skills without constant supervision.

The training will usually begin by having your dog sit or stay in one spot for a period of time. You should let the dog get used to being in place before moving onto a different location. Once a dog has learned this command, you will want to move onto the next one.

A good training session can help a dog to deal with the issues that are affecting their dog’s life. They will also benefit from your patience and understanding.

Mistakes made in daily interaction can lead to confusion, and possibly contribute to poor training habits. Dogs that have received little training may adopt somehow to solve a problem behavior.

You may not realize that the bad habit has already been established. As soon as your dog exhibits the previously established bad behavior, you might assume that the problem behavior is the reason your dog is acting like a problem.

We have all seen this type of reinforcement before in human behavioral therapy. Unfortunately, without correctly attributes the bad behavior to its cause, obedience training progress will be slow.

You will certainly needs lot of patience in carrying out your dog training. With patience, a dog can learn not only how to listen to what it’s been taught, but also what you expect from him. When you are angry with your dog, give the dog space and time to cool down and regroup. After each successful training session, you will want to reward him with treats and praise.

One last benefit of obedience training is that it can teach a dog how to relax and calm down when it’s time to lie down. Many dogs need to learn to do this so that they do not get nervous or stressed out when they are alone and not able to have fun with family members.

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Dog owners need to remember that their dogs are just like humans and need to be treated just like people. It is not fair to leave your dog alone in the house all day.