How To Train My Puppy Not To Bite

We are going to take a look at a number of things you can do to effectively break your puppy’s biting habit. After all, biting is certainly not going to be a good habit, don’t you agree? Here are some tips on how to train your puppy not to bite so that you will have a lovely puppy in your family.

Tip #1: The number one tip that would work for any puppy would be to show him that biting is not going to be tolerated. This is very important. You need to show your puppy that biting is never okay. Some people have been successful at doing this with their puppy by saying “Ouch” every time that their puppy bites. This works, but it may get too tired after a while to be truly effective. The best way that you can show your puppy that biting isn’t okay is by not letting him do it when he is still young.

Tip #2: It is very important to let your puppy knows that he is hurting you when he bites you! All the yelling that you are doing is only going to make him think that what he is doing is okay. When you are using a “yelp”, make sure that you do so in a way that sounds like a real pain when he bites you. This will show him that this is not okay.

Tip #3: You can also try using a taste deterrent. A taste deterrent is something that you can put on your hands or feet that will not hurt your puppy but is smell that he dislikes. When applied on your hands and feet, your puppy will deter from biting you! It will not take long for your puppy to “quit” that biting habit.

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Tip #4: It’s also very important that you show your puppy that you do love him. Many times, dogs bite because they want to show you that they love you. It’s also a known fact that the bite that they inflicted on you might also be motivated by a sense of fear. Learn to uncover the causes for your puppy biting behavior, be it out of fear or out of love, and address according.

Tip #5: Puppies love to grab onto things. This includes shoes and socks. They like to grab onto these items and carry them around. Many times he will bite at you if you try to get the item from you. Instead of letting your puppy continue this behavior, you need to make sure that he understands that he is not allowed to do this. Train him to learn the command “drop” so that he will abstain from biting on movable items and carry them around the house.

Tip #6: You can purchase bite-free dog toys, but this is only a temporary fix as your puppy will need to practice his biting habit as well. The reason why bite-free toys work to stop a puppy from biting is because they are made of hard rubber or plastic. The shape of this particular toy is ideal for the purpose of giving a painful bite to discourage him from biting. Make sure whatever biting surface of the toy that your puppy bites into, it is the right size for maximum coverage.

All puppies will have to go through the process of chewing during the growing phase when they start to have their first teeth. Dogs have teeth that were designed for them to tear and kill their prey. So, your puppy may on his own to start his journey on chewing and tearing the moment his teeth is “ready”.

This is when you would need to prepare him to “kick” off this biting habit. I would suggest to give tip#6 a try as it would marvelous well for my biting puppy.

You will need to choose toys that are made for your puppy to chew and play with. There are also toys for puppies that were made to allow you to insert treats into them. These toys are truly great for getting your puppy off to a good start in his early training months. The fact that treats can be added to these toys is a plus since you can make use of reward based training to have your puppy trained.

The best way to choose a puppy toy is to let your puppy try it out. This means you need to let him have plenty of time to play with the toy. It won’t be long before your puppy begins to dislodge and destroy his toys. It’s all part of the experience. Much as he might giggle when he first gets the chance, he’s going to be thoroughly entertained when he starts playing with his new toys.

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For the times when you’re away from the house and your puppy is allowed to run around the house, this type of toy is very useful. It’s small enough for him to carry around, so he doesn’t pose a threat to himself or destroy your home furntiure.

Puppies are a lot like little babies. They are more likely to create a mess in your home before they are house-trained. So, invest in the time to start your puppy obedience training. The more time you spend with him now, the more likely you are going to have a very well-adjusted and happy dog as he grows up.