How To Train A Pit Bull Puppy

There are many misconceptions about owning a Pit Bull puppy, some of which are just plain unfounded. Many people think that all Pit Bulls is aggressive, or they have to be. This is not true. With proper training, you can train a Pit Bull puppy the right behaviors and the right manners.

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is that all Pit Bulls craves attention. If you are new to owning Pit Bulls or just haven’t had any experience with them, then it is critical that you know how to take care of them and how to properly socialize them.

A very good way to socialize your Pit Bull is to expose him to people around you. Have friends and relatives come over to meet your new puppy and expose him to different surroundings. This will help your pet learns to mix around with strangers and other dogs. Always make sure that he is on a leash in case you need to “manage” him in any instant.

Walking in the park with other dogs and people will make those experiences positive for him. Exposing your dog to new stimuli will help him to learn new things.Watch out for his behaviors and correct them if necessary using positive reinforcement.

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Pit Bulls craves love and will do whatever it takes to get it. By having social skills as well as a firm foundation of training under your belt, you will be able to successfully house train your Pit Bull puppy.

By nature, Pit Bulls are highly intelligent and have the potential to learn quickly. One of the first things that you should begin teaching your puppy is obedience. Obedience will help to establish control over your Pit Bull and how he acts around with other people and animals.

It also helps to establish boundaries and guide your Pit Bull in the appropriate direction. Repetition is very important when teaching your pitbull puppy basic commands.

Training a Pit Bull puppy can be a very easy process if you use positive reinforcement with praise and rewards when he listens and obeys your instructions. Be sure to always have treats readily available in your pocket and a short leash on hand as you begin your training.

You may want to start to put his leash on and send him outside for his potty. This is very important. If you let your puppy walks and potty in the same area, he will soon learn that this is where he should be going to do his elimination.

It’s helpful to choose a certain spot that your puppy will potty in and then neat it up. When your Pit Bull finally uses this spot, give him lots of treats and praise him for going potty in the right spot.

Remember that you’re not just potty training your puppy. You’re also building a relationship with him, and you’re establishing that you’re the leader. Pit Bulls can quickly learn that if they follow the leader, they get lots of treats and are given lots of love. That is critical to proper puppy training.

Establishing your role as the leader will also help you to train your Pit Bull not to bite and nip. Yelling and punishing him for biting won’t work. Training your puppy takes a little while and persistence, but it saves you a lot of trouble.

Designate a certain area in your yard as his “pet” area.  This will be outside guidance that he can look to for shade and security. It’s also a great place to bring him on hot days because he will find the coolness on their backs and it soothes him.

A small outdoor area is great for a pit bull just to relax. Don’t make the spot a concrete or cement area because it’s only going to create more problems with him learning to jump or climb.

Next part of the training will be to introduce him to his crate. Many Pit Bulls prefers to sleep in a crate due to the warmth and security it offers. Once he begins to associate the crate with sleeping and resting, you can begin to use the crate to house him on short trips away from home.

You should never leave him in the crate all day long, but can gradually increase the time he spent in the crate once he becomes comfortable with it. Let him out of his crate and roam about every 2 hours interval.

One of the key benefit to crate training your Pit Bull is that he will begin to understand the concept of staying in one place when you are to be away from home. By placing some toys in his crate, this will keep him from becoming too bored and possibly getting into mischief.

Having a safe place (crate) with a bed, toys, water and even his favorite dog food can make a world of difference.

A Pit Bull is a naturally playful dog that enjoys running, jumping, and playing games with his owners and other members of the family. By restricting him to his crate during these activities, he will be trained to be a more docile animal.

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Crate training is a great way to make the transition between your high energy active Pit Bull dog and to your personal home confinement. Once your Pit Bull has get used to crating, you’ll find it easier to get him to stop his destructive behavior and become the loving pet you want him to be.

Set aside some special time just for your Pit Bull.  It’s important to adore him and give him the attention that he deserves. So, enjoy this quality time with your pup.  You will be rewarded with a wonderful Pit Bull puppy who only wants to please you!