How To Train A Dog To Listen

My child requires a dog to be a part of our family. It is wonderful to have a furry friend close by, and for many children, dogs may be the best “present” for them! However, how to train a dog to listen if this is not happening to your Bella!

The thing to do in this situation is not to panic and start screaming and flapping your arms about. The resolution is more to figure out why your dog won’t listen and then address the reason using the proper “tools” to get control of the situation.

You must ensure that your dog is fully aware that you are her boss, and that she depends on your for teaching and guidance. This is why a leash is important in the early stages of your training. Of course, that isn’t always true, and it helps you to re-enforce the success of your obedience training.

You must also observe your dog’s habits and behavior. These habits and behavior will help you to cater for a suitable dog obedience training plan for her. Therefore, you will need to spend some time with your dog so that you can understand her behavior.

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Your dog may choose to ignore you when she want to focus on her own territory. She may have her reasons for doing so. It may be that she is stressed from training (you can help this by making sure that it is a positive experience for her), or perhaps she is just so used to being the boss that she don’t see you as her boss. This is why it’s important to establish yourself as her pack leader!

This (when your dog thinks she is the alpha dog) can create a problem when she starts to mess in the house. If you try to correct her with yelling or punishment, you will get much more of a negative reaction from her!

Your dog sees this as invading her territories and she will get defensive. The cycle will continue and it will become ever more difficult to change her habits and get her to listen to you. You should instead replace punishment with positive reinforcement to make her obey you.

When training your dog for obedience, it is important to pick a phrase that you can use consistently to command her. This basic technique works for all dog breeds, so pick something that is easy for you.

For example, you can pick, “let go”, “out of there”, “busy” or any other phrase that you prefer. Now that you have picked a phrase, you must become very familiar with your dog’s hearing range. This is because you never know what may draw her attention away from the training. For example if your dog has a habit of rushing through doorways, his hearing might be distracted from sounds coming from your neighbor’s yelling.

One of the most basic forms of communication for dogs is the order “stay.” This order is one of the most useful commands when it comes to setting boundaries, letting your dog know that you’re the boss, and setting her a scene where she needs to focus.

The most common mistake that dog owners make with this command is rewarding the dog for staying despite the fact that it just went just less than a minute without staying longer time. In this case. rewards will only confuse your dog if you are trying to send the message that you’re excited about her staying, but if you’re letting her “go” after 30 seconds, she’s going to start to wonder what you’re so happy about.

Some dog owners start off with only one commands and then get their dog to master it before moving on to something else. Such as in the case of potty training, while your dog is perhaps in the process of learning to relieve herself outdoors, you can train her to go potty using the command “potty time!” and bring her back to her crate once she is done with the elimination.

This is a wonderful method and when coupled with reward for eliminating outdoors, you have a powerful “tool” that can help you curtail a certain behavior in your dog.

Being social animals, your dog need to have contact with you. It makes her feel secure as she learns to trust you. For a dog, playtime is also equally important – One big bonding time! She needs to play and chase. It is a very good idea to take your dog on a walk or a picnic occasionally.

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The bond between you and your dog is one of the most important relationships in your life. Make sure that you are as involved in your dog’s day-to-day activities as you can. This will help to establish your role as her “alpha” dog in the long run.

Keep in mind that having a dog is a long term commitment and you’re going to need to give her lots of love and devotion in order to get her listen and obey YOU! Follow these suggestions and you will have a happy, healthy dog without having any unwanted behaviors.