How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

How to stop aggressive dog behavior if your beloved pet is exhibiting this sign? Many dogs suffer from aggression, anxiety and fear. This is caused by fear of the owner, abuse, harsh punishment, separation, or lack of socialization. These are common causes of aggression. If a dog is traumatized by another dog or because of prolonged emotional stress and anxiety, he may lash out.

Dogs also have the tendency to dominate people and take over their house. This may be displayed in aggressive behavior which includes barking, chewing and biting. Amongst the list of aggressive dog behaviors, biting includes dog bites as well as dog attacks.

These are usually triggered by the mere movement of another dog or human being. You would certainly want to get rid of these aggressive behavior of your dog and the good new is there are ways to improve the behavior.

The first thing that you need to determine is whether the aggressive behavior is defensive or offensive. A dog will defend himself, usually with the help of a soft growl or a snarl, when he feels his territory is being invaded.

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It is highly possible for dogs to have a number of different types of aggressions. In some instances, the nature of the dog, the breed, the age and the health may cause some to develop. Moreover, regardless of the reasons, each will undoubtedly be accompanied by a different behavior.

In offensive aggression, your dog will show a “threatening” posture. His body is most often straight out bent and his tail may be wagging, curled up tightly over his back. He may also starts opening his mouth, growling his teeth. A stiff-legged walk is usually the indication of aggression.

In defensive aggression, your dog will be in “crouch” posture, with the hairs bristling over his head. His ears may be forward or back, depending on his particular mood. If his tail is wagging, it will probably be wagging briskly. He may also give off signs of a cold, taken-away look.

Aggression in pet dogs can be caused by many different “factors”. When a dog feels that another canine is getting too close to his territory or he feels that someone is trespassing or threatening its territory, it will result in an attack directed towards the “object” of the dog’s aggressions.

Never punish your dog. Physical punishment is a big NO- NO. Violently beating your dog to punish him for aggressive behavior will only teaches him to act aggressively in the future. Instead, train him to be obedient. You can do it yourself with a little modicum of patience, or you can enlist the help of a trainer.

Try to determine the situation that is irritating your dog. Is it a situation that can be easily managed. For example, is your dog left alone while you are at work? If the answer is yes, try to find someone who is willing to stop by the house to take him out for a walk. Sometimes all it takes to resolve aggressive behavior is a change in daily routine for your dog.

If your dog is showing signs of dominant behaviors, you will need to establish yourself as his pack leader. This will be the most effective way to stop his aggressive behaviors.

Your job as the alpha dog is to communicate to your dog that you are his pack leader and that you are the guiding force. This doesn’t mean that you should threaten or behave in a rude way. If you know your dog’s true personality then it will help you to determine how to best respond.

Your first step is to decide how you want your dog to behave and then reinforce that behavior. This is certainly not going to be an overnight thing. Try to maintain and improve on his behavior on a regular obedience training program.

A prevention of aggressive behavior is always the best cure. Of course, prevention is not a solution that is applicable to every case. It is necessary to determine the exact cause of the behavior and make sure that your dog is cared for properly.

You need to establish a relationship of trust with your dog and show him that you are his owner and that you are his protector. This will be achieved if you take the time to learn about your dog’s behavior and consider him as one of your family.

Dogs are social animals that need love and security. This means that you need to interact with your dog as much as possible. You can make him feel loved and “well-like” by giving him your valuable presence. If you have a dog with aggressive behavior, you need to establish a relationship of trust with him. This will improve his confidence that he can be an important part of your family.

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There are plenty of ways to get your dog to be submissive. By simple rewarding what you want him to do and ignoring what you don’t, you should get the results you want fairly quickly.

As you can see, there could be a number of reasons why your dog may act aggressively. By virtue of the law, you are responsible for the behavior of your dog, which means you have a legal duty to control his actions. Learning about your dog’s behaviors and communicate effectively with him is part of your duty as a responsible and loving dog owner.