How To Show Dog You Are Pack Leader

Learning how to show that you are a pack leader is one of the most important lessons you can learn about being a dog owner. Being a pack leader is not a simple task, and requires a lot of patience and consistency. It also requires that you treat your dog as you would treat your children. In this article, I will discuss what it takes to be a good pack leader.

When a puppy matures into a dog, he will stop being so submissive. This is why it is important for a dog to know who is his leader pack. This gives him a sense of belonging, and is his basic way of knowing his place in the pack. If you have a dog that is trying to take on the alpha role, you will have a much more difficult time in making him acknowledge that you are his pack leader.

If your dog never learned who is in charge, he would likely become rowdy or aggressive. Your goal is to make sure that you establish yourself as his pack leader right from the very beginning.

A dog that doesn’t understand his place in the pack, will be overly frustrated and confused, and will be more prone to reacting negatively to your commands. If you have an obedient dog, he will be more receptive to your commands, and will be happy to learn.

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So, How Do You Establish Yourself As The Alpha Dog?

Your very first goal in attaining your dominance over your dog is to get his trust and respect. This means that when you enter a room or are around another dog, he must walk before you. He must learn that you are the leader of his pack. This may take a bit of time, but never lose sight of the fact that your dog has to respect you. Once he respects you, he will look to you for guidance, and you will be the leader of his pack.

When your dog comes over to your house, and acts in a very badly behaved manner, you (as the role of an alpha dog) should chastise him, and give him a gentle lesson. You shouldn’t allow him to jump or bark without your consent.

As the pack leader, it is up to you to set the house rules, and to have your dog strictly follow them. You must learn to set limits with your dog. Never let him have free rein. He must know that you will enforce this decision if he behaves badly. You should never ever use physical force to establish your dominance. Remember, you are should be protecting your dog’s feelings.

There are a lot of different kinds of rules, and they are all the responsibility of the leader, which is you. If you fail to provide these, your dog will take over, and try to make you fit into his rules without even knowing you are there.

You should also try to eliminate negative behaviors that your dog is practicing using reward based training. Your pet needs to learn that bad behavior needs to be dealt with “negativity”, and he would not be rewarded for these behaviors.

The word that can change your dog’s attitude is “No”. This simple word, in the hands of the right person (who is YOU – his pack leader), can make a huge difference in how your dog perceives not only you, but also everything around it. It is a word that calls for action, not just words. As scary as it may seem, there are unfailing consequences for not being able to use the word “No” in the right situation.

So, How Do You Form A Stronger Bond With Your Dog?

You can’t win your dog’s trust by yelling at him or throwing him outside every time he does something wrong. There are several ways to gain his trust and build your relationship with him.

Keep in mind that any punishment should not be fun, frustrating or rewarding in any way for your dog. Excessive exposure to punishment will also create stress and anxiety for your dog, making his behavior worse. When you have already made a behavior worse by being overly harsh and punitive, you will have no “way” to discipline your dog when attempting to correct him.

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All too often we hear of dogs who are so insistent on being the leader that are given up and given away. As a pack leader, you should uphold some expectation and certain behaviors that you want from your dog and this can be achieved through obedience training.

Learning how to teach your dog that you are the pack leader is not an easy task. You will need to dedicate yourself to your new role as his alpha dog. You will have to enforce your decisions and take any action necessary to uphold them. But, if you do these things right, your new role as pack leader will be well established and your dog will look upon you as his “alpha”.