How To Potty Train A Dog In 7 Days

Are you looking for ways to make your dog masters the art of using the toilet in the shortest possible time? Yes, it’s possible to potty train a dog in 7 days if you follow the training below.

In general, most dogs will quickly learn when you give them a treat after each successful attempt at potty training and will begin to go to the bathroom on their own after a short period of training. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out where they should go to do their business.

The entire potty training process only takes seven days, and after you’ve taught your dog this new trick, you’ll be able to free yourself from the worry about dealing with an untrained canine that keeps soiling everywhere in your house.

To have your dog potty trained in 7 days, it’s important that you stay on top of his behavior by praising him profusely when he had done his potty done correctly. Don’t yell at him if there is an accident. Just use the command “No” firmly whenever your dog goes potty where he isn’t supposed to. If he has already soiled the carpet, don’t say anything more than “No”.

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Also avoid being physical with your dog. Never hit him or drag him to his poop or pee. Keep your voice commands and your body language consistent.

If you never catch him red handed, do not ever “punish” him. Simply clean up the mess and move on. If you punish him, he’ll be confused as to why he was punished as he couldn’t relate to events that he had already done. This could incur his fear and leads to more behavior problems down the road.

Be aware of your dog behavior prior to eliminating. If your dog exhibits signs such as sniffing, circling and sniffing , he is “telling” you that it’s time for potty. Bring him out immediately for his business.

When he goes in the right area for his potty, praise the little critter. Scratch him behind the ears and on the top of his head and reward him with a treat. It is best to limit treats to training lessons, or else you will be overfeeding him. Most people use treats as a means of getting their dog to perform a trick or correcting their behaviors.

Taking your dog out at the right time is important. Most dogs do not want to eliminate in the bed or living area. If your dog repeatedly comes back to the same spot in the yard, walk around, and then eliminates in the same spot, he had “mark” this spot as his potty area.

If you are training your dog to do his potty indoor, make sure that he has a clean spot that he can go to when he needs to relieve himself. This is why you should try to create as many different areas in your house as possible to potty train your dog. These areas should be easily accessible to facilitate your cleaning tasks.

By using positive reinforcement, teaching your dog the “act” of going to the bathroom, and rewarding him when he does his potty successfully, you will have a dog who goes to the bathroom on his own and isn’t afraid of being taken outside to do his business.

Dogs who are potty trained typically have far less fear of being taken outdoors and are much more well behaved, and enjoy going places with you. You should see an improvement in your dog’s potty behavior after a week of training.

After your dog is properly trained, each time he goes potty in the right spot, reward him with a treat. This will reinforce that the spot is where he needs to go because he will associate the reward with his potty behavior. After a while, he may even look for that spot to go each time he needs to go potty because he knows he will be rewarded.

The best way to teach your dog how to do this is by using positive reinforcement. It is better to use a positive training method than one that uses punishment. Punishment just makes your dog scared of doing something that he has previously done.

To sum up, this potty training approaches works as such. You take your dog outside to go potty. Then you make him go to a place where you want him to do his pee and poo. You give the command, and then encourage the him to go potty. After he is done with his elimination, you make him feel good about it by rewarding him.

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While you’re going to use treats as a form of reward in this manner, you can also use words of praise. In other words, when your dog goes potty, you say, “Good Boy!” in a very enthusiastic, over the top voice, that lets your dog knows how happy you are.

Looks simple isn’t it? So start taking the first step to get your dog properly potty trained right away!