How To Make Your Dog Obedient

Dogs can be a special member of your family. You invite your children to play with him, cuddle with him and adore him. He will reciprocate your love because he feels a sense of belonging when he is with you. But your dog did not come to you fully trained. He could be well-disciplined and obedient, but he won’t know what to do next. That is where you need to train him and make your dog obedient and “listen” to you.

Behaviors such as barking, chewing furniture and soiling your home are something that you would certainly do not want your dog to exhibit. You would need to work on a dog training program to teach him how to stop any of these behaviors. Keep in mind that whatever you want him to do, you need to convey this to him in a way that he can understand.

It’s important to realize that rewarding any behavior you want your dog to do is the most effective and practical way of achieving obedience training quickly. Giving him a treat for every successful potty your dog does. Choose something he highly enjoys and give it to him whenever he goes potty. By doing so, your dog will realize that doing potty in the right spot will get him a treat.

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You will have to make sure that you give him the treat immediately after he had done his potty. Otherwise, your dog will think that the treat is not for the potty. It’s your job, not your dog’s, to make sure that the potty is only for the treat. And don’t worry, this can be done easily. Just make sure that you have some treats with you all the times.

You should also engage your dog in socialization as well. This is necessary to teach him on how to interact and get along with others. It also teaches him on how to obey traffic rules and make to get along with other animals in your home as well. You must also teach your dog not to chase the cats in your neighborhood.

When your dog barks out of fun, anxiety or depression, you need to know how to stop him from doing that. If your dog barks out of boredom, then the tips below will help you.

1. Take your dog on a regular walk. This is important for his health as well as mental alertness. Keep in mind that an active dog is never a quiet dog. If you don’t have time to walk with your dog, hire someone to do so.

2. As a dog owner, I have a simple routine to follow whenever I bring my dog outside for a walk. I will ensure that my dog is on a leash and I am in an area with a lot of people. This is important as dogs are social animals and need to be around with people.

When you take your dog out for a walk or run in the park, the proper way to train him not to jump on people is to get him obey the commend “heel”. When your dog hears the word “heel”, he knows that he is supposed to be walking right by your side.

To teach him this, practice walking with him and being his “heeler” in style. Use a training lead, walk in front of him with the lead loosely in your hand and he will try to run off in the opposite direction. When he ignores you and continue to run towards the opposite direction, pick up the lead and give a firm snap on the leash.

When he stops trying to go in the opposite direction, praise him and give him a treat or reward. Repeat this exercise by walking in front of him and every time he try to go in the opposite direction, you do the same thing – correct his action and reward him.

You will be surprised how quickly he will learn to walk beside you and not in front or opposite direction from you. It takes a little practice, but once you have him trained, you are ready to take your dog out for a walk any time with peace.

Do consider crate training as part of your obedience training program. Choosing a crate that will comfortably fit your dog is important. Look for something that will allow your dog to stand and turn. Large crates are best because it makes him feel comfortable when he is in the crate. Some models have dividers that allow you to adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows.

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Remember, all dog training requires repetition. That is why teaching a dog to stop the behavior that you do not want him to have takes time and effort. It is very important for you to understand that you will have to be patient to help your dog to learn. If you yell or impose physical punishment on him, you will cause him to have a negative association with the behavior.