How To Make Your Dog Listen To You

Many dog owners have a difficult time making their dogs listening to them. Their dogs simply act on what they want and jump and bark on any visitors. Poor owners had to keep yelling and pulling back their dogs. If you are in similar situation, please read on as the following article will shed some light on how to make your dog listen to you.

For most dog owners, the idea of starting a discipline program for their pet is one of the last things that they ever want to do. But in actual fact, all dogs needs some form of training to get them “listen” to you right? Just like your young kids, you need to train them on how to behave themselves and obey your instructions!

One of the wrong belief that they had is that all the bad habits that their dogs already showing are incredibly hard to stop and they had no idea on how to make their dog “kick” off these undesirable behavior and listen to their commands.

It’s important to know that any physical punishment on your dog is inappropriate, In fact, punishing your dog for not obeying is an abuse, and you would not gain his trust if you chose to punish your loved pet for not obeying.

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If you find your dog chewing your favorite pair of shoes or adversely damaging your property, the primary reason for this is that he is not house trained yet and he needs some obedience training. He is showing you that he is not prepared to do the things that you are telling him to do.

What you need to do will be to take a moment to examine your own training methods. Did you bring across your commands to your dog clearly? Is your commands short, precise and firm? Have you established yourself as the competent authority figure in your pet’s eye? This will determine if your dog trusts you and follow what you ask him to do as a leader pack.

Some breeds of dog have a tendency to try to dominate. This can happen because they had not been properly socialized during the stages of development. Such breeds can receive training to curb this behavior. Most dogs however will want to test the limits to see what they can get away with. Dogs are by nature, territorial and they want to know their place in the household.

If your dog tries to dominate you or other people, you must let him know that you are the “boss”. In practical terms, this means making sure that your dog knows that you are the Alpha Dog in the ‘pack’; that means you are the leader.

You must become the alpha dog in the lives of your puppy and communicate his wishes, fears, and expectations accordingly. Once you have established yourself as the pack leader, you will find it much easier to carry out your dog training.

One of the tactics used in dog obedience training is positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement works extremely well because dogs want to please their masters. By using a unique combination of rewards and verbal cues, you can train your dog on how to behave himself and respond to each situation.

Thought positive reinforcement works best to shape your dog’s behavior, there is still a fair bit of training that goes on before your dog is fully trained to behave himself.

Getting angry and acting aggressively towards your dog can lead him to become fearful to you and unable to focus on your training. While you are trying to train him, avoid being negative because it will only confuse him and make him scared. He may nip and bite you in an effort to protect himself from your angry demeanor.

Most dog trainers recommend several short training sessions for dogs. The sessions should only last for two to five minutes, depending on the breed and adult characteristics. For best results, spend some time to positively reinforce your dog every time he performs the desired behavior.

It is important to break up your training sessions so that your dog learns better. Every session should be fun and of course, rewarding for your dog. If your dog is not learning a command, then you would need to find out why he is not picking up. Is your training session too long, causing your dog to lost his attention or are you missing out his rewards or is your commands too complex or long for your dog to understand?

How To Make Your Dog Listen To You - Learn The Undisclosed Tips

This is also a good point to bring up the idea of the clicker training method. This training approach has long been the choice of many dog trainers mostly because it is such an effective method.

In simple terms, the clicker method is the use of a device that makes a clicking sound when pressed. The clicker is paired with a treat. After the clicking sound has been made, you will then reward your dog with a treat for doing that good behavior.

It is important to reward your dog instantly in an excited mode, as you will want your dog to associate the clicker tool with the treat and the happy and rewarding experience of training.

If you want a trained dog, you will need to dedicate some time to carry out the training. Training your dog will require that you be consistent. Don’t ever think that this is going to be an easy chore that can completed in a week.

You will require patience and a lot of work. This involves setting aside a lot of time to get yourself ready, and maintaining focus when you set out to train your dog as well as fine tuning your training process along the way (depending on your dog progress).

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Just remember that the biggest reward from your dog training is the quality time that you had spend with your beloved pet. The time that you had spend with him will help you to know more about each other and you will develop a special bond that will last forever.