How To Make My Puppy Listen To Me

Is your little one (puppy) creating havoc in your home? If that’s your situation, you may be wondering “how to make my puppy listen to me”? Your new puppy will be in a lost when she just joined your family and needs to be trained on your house rules.

It is also important that you correct any inappropriate behavior that she is practicing during your training. Give the correction the moment you see her behaving inappropriately. This is extremely important. Do not delay the correction as puppy had short memory span and would not be able to relate her past action. Do it when she is “in action”.

To make the correction a success one, it must be paired with a reward (positive reinforcement) which is part of the obedience training.

Obedience training involves training your puppy to listen and obey your instructions using positive reinforcement. You should always have some treats in your pocket so that you can instantly give it to your puppy whenever she follows your command diligently. If you carry out the training regularly and consistently, your dog will be fairly well trained.

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Your puppy had no idea what the rules are and how to go about being trained. Therefore, when you start training her, it will take a commitment on your part to be consistent and persistent with the commands you give.

Your next step would be to use the association every time you issue a command. The steps below are pretty simple and usually it only takes a few days to make this association:

The association must be made quickly and with great consistency. In other words, establish this association right away! And also make sure that you establish it with every command you issue. The trick is making sure that your puppy makes the association in just the right way… and rewarding her with either a treat or praise when she does is right.

1. Issue the command in your usual tone.

2. Click the clicker – There are a lot of advantages on training your puppy with a clicker. First and foremost, it’s fun. Secondly, it works! The clicking sound that you use sounds so different from any voice command, that it helps your puppy to think about it. Thirdly, it’s safe.

3. Reward your puppy with either a treat or praise, depending on what she just did. Praise throughout the day will go a long way. At the end of the training session, be sure your puppy knows what she did was right. Reward her accordingly.

4. Repeat this step several times until your puppy is fully trained on the command.

5. Be consistent.

6. Keep sessions short. The training should not be too long. Your puppy will most likely lose interest and not be paying attention to your training.

That’s it! Easy as pie, right? The good news is that you only have to practice this method for about 20 minutes a day. Of course, make sure that there are reinforcing activities for your puppy.

When you’re using a clicker, it’s important to reinforce the behavior with a treat every time. It makes learning for your puppy so much easier and it helps her to develop the ability to “locate” the desired behavior for her treat. If your puppy isn’t responding to a voice command, you’re going to have to find ways to make it happen and clicker will be your answer!

Are you aware that your body language also plays a role in your dog obedient training? Your puppy begins to learn this on day one. She watches you for cues in verbal and non-verbal communication. She learns to understand what you want from her just by watching you. Think of it as her little speech.

When your puppy has an accident in the house, the worst thing you can do is to yell at her. Yelling won’t work because she won’t understand what your yelling is about anyway. She will just continue to do the behavior that caused you to yell. Yelling simply gives your puppy the attention she craves.

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can offer to you when it comes to training your puppy to be obedient is to be patient. You can’t make your puppy change her behavior overnight, and she probably won’t either. Patience, however, will pay off in the end.

We should train our dog to obey us because a trained dog is loved and trusted by most people and is allowed to do almost anything. He knows who is his owner (pack leader) and looks to you for directions and reassurance.

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The training of your dog will need much time and patience. It will also require that you are consistent in your training. Your dog will behave in one way or another every day of the week. In time, you and your dog will develop a way of communicating and that communication will build the trust and bond.