How To Make My Dog Listen To Me

It is important for you to figure out the underlying feeling your dog is trying to express by watching her body language when you are training her to be obedient. Master this and you will be able to make your dog listen to you.

When your dog is feeling anxious, she may exhibit a number of ways of behaving. Dogs can be timid or dominant, shy or aggressive, and happy or depressed. They may also simple act out with a short bark or sigh, which is a sign of displeasure.

Dogs are pack animals. They expect an alpha leader to lead so try to be the leader of the pack. You should be the leader, and your dog will be a follower. You need to give her an impression of this leadership. Make sure you hold the leash in a way that allows you to maintain control by tugging at it at the end of the walk rather than lost control and let your dog pull you down the street.

If you don’t have the dominant alpha role and your dog thinks she is in charge, she may start to exhibit disobedience signs and choose NOT to listen to you!

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Always maintain control of your dog. That can’t be stressed enough. You need to continue to make decisions for your dog and don’t let her dictate those decisions.

Never use physical punishment on your dog. This is one of the most negative things you can do. Using only loud and stern voices or making hand claps at her if she is misbehaving. If you really want to get your dog to listen and respond to you, then you need to be positive. Don’t be afraid to reward good behavior and move away from punishment.

A reward is any positive that a dog is interested in. Some breeds are more motivated to work for their reward than others, but with a little patience and perseverance a dog can be trained to work for just about any kind of reward.

Use high value enticement. If you know your dog has a favorite treat or food, use this as a reward to help her “open” up to you. By using a positive method, you allow your dog the time and the opportunity to really learn something that makes her happy, which should satisfy her hunger for learning.

Most successful training techniques use the reward system. In order to keep your dog motivated, reward her with treats, praise, or toys after she’s done the right thing. This helps inculcate the message that if she listens to you, she is going to get her reward!

Working on exercises that challenge her can sometimes make it easier to help her stop undesirable behavior and listen to you. She gets to focus and it is very rewarding for her! A dog that is prepared to cooperate and wants to please you will respond positively to obedient training.

You may have also see dog owners at the dog park, straining at the leash to control their dogs. We are getting more accustomed to using leash and collar as a training aid.

You could also make use of a static shock collar. This is one of a rather popular and easy way to teach your dog to stop an inappropriate behavior. The idea of this static correction is that when she misbehaves, she will get a static correction which teaches her that this action is prohibited.

The equipment comes with many different levels of shocks; start with the lowest shock, and give her time to respond to the correction. It is important to monitor the intensity of the static correction. For most dogs, anything above a minor level is too much. and too much correction is not going to be an effective way to teach a dog to stop an inappropriate behavior. You would need to strike a balance.

The sonic dog collar works on the same principles as the static shock collar. However, instead of giving the dog a static correction for misbehavior, the sonic collar works using sound waves. The sound waves are made more intense as the dog misbehaves.

The sonic collar is a great tool for training a dog to various behaviors, or even stopping behaviors and most importantly, sound waves aren’t painful for dog. When used in conjunction with other training techniques, dog can quickly learns to modify his own behavior to avoid the sound.

Remember that you are the pack leader. Your dog will be happy once she knows what is expected and you will have a nicely trained dog. Don’t forget to give you her the praise and reward for listening to you. After the training, your dog will be the envy of everyone in your dog loving neighborhood!

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You will need to be able to adjust your training techniques to fit the personality of your dog, to give her all the training she needs to keep her doing the right thing. It’s also a good idea to know the traits of different breeds, so you can adjust your training techniques to best suit your dog’s personality.