How To Housebreak A Puppy In 5 Days

If you have decided to bring a puppy into your home, the next step is to learn how to housebreak him. Certainly you would want to have him trained ASAP and it’s possible to housebreak a puppy in 5 days.

Puppies have their own desires and needs that you can work towards to through using some techniques when you are training him, and if you are using them correctly, you should find that your puppy will be contented and has no issues with housebreaking him easily.

Puppies are like little kids. They do not know bad from good. They have weak bladders and cannot decide if they should pee or poop. It is up to you to learn your little puppy manners.

One thing you should look for is crating your puppy for a short period of time and then letting him out to go for his potty. Crating will also teach your puppy on how to hold his elimination while you are away.

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Thus, the process of house training your puppy begins with getting him a crate. You will want a crate that is only sufficient spacious for your puppy but not too big for him to do his potty at one corner of the crate. The crate should be comfortable for your puppy at all times.

I certainly do not recommend using a crate to punish your puppy; I recommend using a crate in the proper place, as a safe place for your puppy to rest and for you to house train him.

Crating your puppy helps him to become accustomed to a routine. Also, in the event that you are nearby, he can see and hear you, and this helps him feel more at ease. A good rule is to maintain some sort of routine during the day.

Ensure that he is taken out at various times, and keep him on a set schedule. It helps your puppy feels secure, and keeps him distracted from other things happening around him.

You will also want to observe your puppy and read his body language. Because dogs converse through body language, you will quickly be able to pick up on any sign that he is uncomfortable or just generally not enjoying life in his crate during the housebreaking.

Make sure you are following a plan and not jumping the gun. You should never let yourself get too excited or be carried away by your puppy. Every single day that your puppy is going for his pee and poo, you should be taking him out and introducing him to the bathroom.

Set up a regular schedule to take your puppy outside to relieve himself. Feed him at the same time each day and remove his water bowl at the end of the day. Each day, take your puppy outside to the same spot and wait for him to eliminate. As soon as he had done his business, praise enthusiastically and reward him with playtime or with a treat. Soon he will associate elimination with play or a treat and each day he will hold his potty till you take him outside.

If you starts showing signs of tired, bored, or just not feeling up to it, you should reassess your schedule. If you get caught up in the excitement, it can distract you from getting your puppy properly house trained.

If your puppy is caught in the act of eliminating inside, correct him forcefully and quickly and immediately take him outside. Use a leash to control your puppy, but do not pull or force him.

When he is done with his business, praise him for a job well done. Use a treat as a reward at first, then slowly phase them out. With repetition, your puppy will understand that he is supposed to use the designated potty area every time he needs to relieve himself.

Positive reinforcement is a crucial part in training your puppy to go outside for his potty. Reward him with praise and a treat when he done it correctly.

Housebreak your puppy will be much easier if you keep an eye on the overall behavior of him. You should be seeing signs of improvement every day, and it will get easier. Your goal is to get your puppy to be potty trained in five days. Remember, though, that the whole housebreaking process can take a few weeks, so be patient!

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You are most likely going to feel some amount of frustration during this house training process. This is normal. Keep in mind that your puppy may act or react in a manner that you may not like – but it is at most times just a reflection of how he feels when he is uncertain about his current situation. You should endeavor to maintain your composure and remain calm.

As long as you are consistent and never give up, your puppy will eventually understand the concept of housebreaking on his own. You may need to add some incentives along the way as this will help with the housebreaking training down the road.