How To House Train A Puppy Without A Crate

Some people have a hard time getting a puppy to go to the bathroom outside and they think that caging up a dog is cruel. If crate training your puppy is not what you had in mind, this posting will share some tips on how to house train a puppy without a crate.

Certainly when your puppy starts soiling everywhere in your home, this is going to any extremely unpleasant experience for you. You do not want to be upset with your dog, and you want to quit yelling at her for having a accident.

So how to make your puppy knows that going potty at any place that she feels is “OK” is unacceptable?

First of all, establish your designated potty spot for her to do her “business”. Once you’ve established the potty spot outside, you can start your potty training.

You’ve got to watch your puppy constantly during the potty training period for signs that she needs to go to the bathroom. Common potty signs include sniffing at the ground, keeping a “restful” position, exhibiting a “panical” behavior, etc.

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When you see her showing these signals, take her outside immediately, with the phrase “Go potty!”. No free rein of the house until she had successfully eliminates outside.

To housebreak her, you simply need to put her on a feeding schedule. That is, you want to feed her at the same times every day. That will help her body establish a regular schedule. It is also a good idea to feed your puppy the same food every day for the first few days so she gets accustomed to that.

Puppies need to go often, and if you want to avoid having to take him out each hour, you need to get him on a regular feeding schedule. If she is allowed to feed freely all day long, she will need to go potty frequently.

By taking her out at regularly scheduled intervals, she will also develop a sense of routine and when she hears her name, she will be ready to “go” immediately.

If your puppy begins to smell the floor and appears to be looking around for a place to go, it is a signal that she is looking for a place to do her potty. Pick her up and bring her outside. As she starts to potty, say something like “Go Potty”. Say it happily and encouraging and of course, don’t forget to reward her for the job well done!

The power is in the praise and reward, not the punishment. Puppies understand the concept of praise much better than adults. This is known as behavior modification. This method is based on the fact that your dog already knows that she is not supposed to pee in the house, so her problem is the lack of motivation. One of the things you can do is just to take her to the pee spot every time she shows signs of going potty, then reward her for going. She will remember that this action will earn her a treat and will follow it diligently.

You should also try to watch for sign when she needs to “go”. When she starts to go, you say something like “Go Potty”. You should repeat this as often as necessary until she is trained. (Remember, rinse and repeat.)

This can take several days or weeks, depending on your puppy. She will eventually develop a habit to “go” only at the designated spot outside. If your puppy is still having difficulties, look for clues as to why she isn’t going.

It is very important to praise your puppy for doing what you ask for and not getting upset with the accidents. If she has an accident, it’s your fault for not giving her enough opportunity to go outside. Your puppy needs to have sufficient outdoor potty training to avoid accidents!

If she does go potty where she’s supposed to, praise her lavishly. She wants to please you so let her have a free rein.

You must be patient with your puppy. Why? Because there are bound to have accidents. The trick is to get her to understand where she should go and when. Accidents can happen while you are away from home. They can also happen while you are very busy.

Are you also facing puppy’s chewing Issues? Sometimes puppies will chew through a piece of furniture or a door. Remind yourself that this is normal dog behavior and not something you need to worry about.

If your puppy is chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, get her some chewing toys and praise her for playing with these special toys. Dogs naturally chew in order to keep their teeth clean, and they doesn’t usually direct to furniture. If you have items in your home that are tempting for your puppy to chew, remove them or try coating them with a bitter agent.

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As you can see, there are many ways to house train your puppy. The key is to be patient and understanding with her. She doesn’t know better. She wants to please you. So show her what you want her to do. If she doesn’t go to the right spot she is supposed to go, show her where she should go. Patience and repetition is the key to teach your puppy.