How To House Train A Chihuahua Puppy

House train a Chihuahua puppy might take a few weeks, or even months depending on your dedication and consistency in your puppy training.

It’s true that Chihuahuas are adorable, but they are a harder nut to crack when it comes to housebreaking. Their cute little faces and lovely attitudes lead many to make the wrong decision on whether to crate train or not.

Dogs have different “potty areas”, depending on their size and breed. Small dogs obviously have less space than a mighty Bull! So you need to pay attention to where in your house should your Chihuahua urinates or defecates.

Just because you’ve got a Chihuahua doesn’t mean she’s going to do her business in the toilet. She could be eliminating in any corner of your house before you have her house trained.

Your puppy’s toilet area should be either the same or bigger than his eating or drinking area. The bigger the better, as the toilet will be much more comfortable and far less smelly. Small dogs such as Chihuahua have much smaller bladders and need to go much more often, so consider a size of about 4 sq. ft.

When you are trying to establish a potty area for your puppy, it is always advisable to send her on a routine. If you set her out at the same time everyday, she will eventually come to associate that timing with eliminating. Once she is used to the routine, she will go for her potty in her own time.

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You can help to ensure your Chihuahua’s toilet habits become regular and predictable by feeding her at regular intervals, and a routine, such as every two hours or so. At night, allow her to roam around and get used to the darkness, and always be out in front of your puppy so that she can see you.

I would suggest to go for crate training as this will make your house training much easier. The reason I prefer to use a crate is to prevent my puppy from creating messes in the house as she is unable to hold her bladder for a long time.

The first step in crate training is to get your Chihuahua acquainted with the crate. This usually takes about one week before you introduce her to the crate. Your goal is to create a positive association with the crate. Remember that you want this to be a safe place for your puppy, don’t you?

The next step is to help her become familiar with her “den”. In order to help make the crate her home, you should cover the bottom of the crate with newspaper, just in case if your puppy has the desire to go to the bathroom. The reason for this is to help her adjust.

If your Chihuahua has the desire to go to the bathroom, she will probably do it in the crate. After some time, she will learn that the newspaper is not really an ideal spot for potty and will learn to subdue the urge to go do her elimination there. This makes potty training your puppy to be much easier.

When potty training your Chihuahua, it is very important to watch for signs that she is ready for her potty. If you see her running in circles or sniffing the floor (in the crate), take her outside immediately. This is when you want to praise her highly.

Puppies want to please you, and just looking at them in the eyes is a wonderful thing. Never scold her for making a mess out of your house. If you scold or yell at her, your puppy will learn to hide her mess in places that you can’t see.

Once your Chihuahua is used to ‘her’ house, the next step is to get her to go to the area in which you want her to do her pee and poo. The easiest way to do this is to reward her with a treat every time she goes for her potty in the designated spot.

It is important to understand that your puppy is going to have accidents. It is best to clean up the mess and not reprimand your puppy. If you happen to catch her in the act, do not scold or hit her. The best way to correct your puppy is by using a very stern “No” followed by taking her to the right place for potty. Praise and reward her when she is done with her elimination.

Punishing your Chihuahua for an ‘accident’ in the house hours after the event will only confuse her and could have serious consequences on a already confused puppy. She would not be able to relate the punishment with the actions that she had previously committed. In fact, this will create fear in her towards you!

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It is important to give your puppy an encouragement as soon as she goes to the bathroom at the chosen spot. This will encourage her to continue to do her potty the right way. It is also a good time to give praise to your puppy for a job well done. Reward her with a different treat every time she completes her elimination without accidents. With the proper supervision, your Chihuahua will be house train in no time.

Consistency will be extremely important when it comes to your training. Make sure that you are always prompt in expressing your care and not just plain spoiling her.