How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Whining At Night

How to get your puppy to stop whining at night becomes your key priority if your new puppy is having difficulty adjusting to her new home. This is especially so during the night when she is alone and crying non-stop.

Maybe it is the expectation of love that makes us, as humans, want to cuddle up with our puppy, stroke her fur and have her sleep on our laps. This nice little fluffy creature that you have recently brought into your home, is used to sleep with her brothers and sisters, in siblings’ beds.

The fact that she has now been separated from her family, is probably causing her anxiety and she is desperately trying to regain her Alpha dog status.

You need to take seriously her cries while you are getting ready for bed. For the first few nights, avoid things that commonly causes your puppy to whine, which is going to get her up at night.

From the moment your puppy arrives at her new home, you need to reinforce the idea that the crate is going to be her den. This will be the place where she can feel safe to be in and get a good sleep. When she goes to her bed, praise her for going in the right place.

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The crate needs to be the right size for your puppy so it needs to be big enough for her to stand up and turn around. The idea is to give her enough space to be comfortable in so that she don’t feel like she is “trapped”.

If your puppy is in her crate, put the crate in your bedroom at night is a good start. Before you know it, she might have sleep through the night when you are in the bed.

One of the important things you can do is to respond to the whining. This is very important. You need to be “there” to comfort your puppy. If you don’t respond to her whining, your puppy will learn that she only has to cry to get her way. And she’ll keep doing it.

You can help the process by trying to comfort your puppy a bit at a time or whatever that works for her. But do this within your established schedule. Once the whining has stopped, reassure your puppy in a calming voice, and then go back to sleep. This kind of approaches will be reinforced and goes a long way for her.

You can just let your puppy be “herself” for a while before you try to comfort her, and gradually come to her “rescue” when she cries. A puppy has no idea of correct behavior, so until she is at least a month or so, she may be a little difficult to deal with night time whining. Just give her as much reassurance and love as she needs.

If your puppy ever begins to whine while her crate is closed, then (and only then) do this:

– open the crate door;

– calmly praise her for being such a good girl;

– give her a soft hug.

Your puppy will know that you are there for her and she’ll be more than happy to stop whining.

Also investigate what your puppy means when she whines. She may be telling you that she wants to go out for potty or that she is bored. After a short time, you will know what she means.

The best way to get your puppy to stop whining is to try to divert her attention. Set aside a time with each day to teach her a trick or to show her some dog related activities. Dogs love learning new things, they like mental stimulation and have endless energy. Work with your puppy on a daily basis and you will eventually get her attention outside of whining.

Puppies that haven’t been properly socialized may see barking and crying as an appropriate way to communicate their discomfort. Your puppy may not realize that there is something wrong. This is a completely natural behavior, but you can assist her to understand that whining is not acceptable. Simple activities such as socializing and obedience training will help to “condition” her to adapt to the new environment.

My puppy often cries when she is hungry; I know she would not even wait for me to give her a treat before she starts to cry, so I don’t give much of a thought to it. Is that the case for your puppy?

Or maybe she is crying to get your attention? For this case, try tp “drain” off her excessive energy during the day (by playing games) and she will be tired in the night for a good sleep.

Sticking to this simple system and give your puppy the relief that she needs and the whine will stop.

Once you’ve got your puppy down to a schedule, things should work themselves. But at first, give her a little time to adjust. Remember, she is still young.

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Work on building a relationship with your puppy. Do you spend a lot of time together, or do you spend a short time just for the intense training sessions? Obviously, if you don’t really interact with her very much, it’ll be difficult to have a strong, healthy relationship.

As your puppy gets accustomed to her new home – a warm, comfortable, quiet place to sleep, she will turn into a peaceful puppy overnight.