How To Get My Dog To Listen To Me

You may be wondering why your dog doesn’t listen to you when you start calling her? This is simply because she doesn’t know what to do with her name! You would need to train her to associate your commands with her name.

This is the most important thing that a dog needs to know. The name should be used in situations that require attention, such as when she needs to stay, come or sit. If your dog doesn’t know her name, it won’t respond and listen to YOU!

Selecting a proper dog name for your pet is extremely important. Avoid choosing a name that is too long. You want to choose a name that you can keep for years and be comfortable using it anywhere that you go.

You will be calling your dog often, and calling her by her name will help your dog to associate a situation with that name. In addition, your dog will respond better and be more receptive when you call her by her name.

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To teach your dog her name, start saying her name whenever you’re talking to her. Use it when you give her a treat or a toy, and praise her by saying “Good Girl” along with her name whenever she comes to you. You should do this every day so that your dog becomes more comfortable with it, and she will start reacting to your instructions.

But if your dog still doesn’t listen to you, what can be done?

Your dog doesn’t listen and obey you probably because he doesn’t see anyone in her life as her pack leader. She still firmly believes she is the leader, and she would prefer to take the lead if she could. You have to make it known to her that you are now the leader, and she has to do as she is told.

How can you do that? The best way to regain the lead, is to give gentle firm corrective punishments. Yes, I said gentle firm. It is not a slap on her neck, or a swat on the hindquarters, or anything along those lines.

When you give her a correction, your voice should be firm, deep and authoritative, but not harsh. When you want her to sit, you would give the command firmly, while giving the correction with your hand, and again, gently. Just like when you speak a command, your voice goes along with the command.

Your body language is also important. Dogs are very good at reading body language and can tell a lot just by reading the way you are acting. If you give your dog a correction, your body language tells her that you are the leader and you give the command. If you do not want her to do something, look at her eyes, while giving the command.

Your tone of voice can also tell your dog a lot. It is important to be cheerful and encouraging when you speak to her. By the way, our voices usually tell our dogs what we want to do.

Now you are ready to start training. Say your dog’s name and the command “Come”. At this point, if your dog does not come to you, place the treat in your mouth and clap on your hands. This will create a distraction to “catch” her attention. When she comes to you. reward her with the treat and praise her. It is important that you reward her positively for reacting to your command.

As the leader, you would need to lead her physically. This can be a very tricky one. For starters, you are going to have to deal with a dog that wants to be with you at all times. While she would be trying to get your attention through misbehavior, you should use a firm “NO” in an authoritative voice.

Separation anxiety can be a reason for misbehavior in a dog. The dog would act out because she would feel alone or anxious. It goes back to the same issue as boredom. So do allocate some time to be with your dog daily.

Do not use treat as a bribe, or as a “get out of trouble” solution. The reason for using a treat is to make your dog earn her treat. She should responded to your instructions, not to her treat. Make her earn her reward.

And remember, make your corrections immediate, and your rewards should be given instantly when your dog follows your commands. By doing this, she will associate doing it with good things and getting a treat. It’s a good little domino effect.

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Respect and trust must be established between you and your dog. This means that you must gain trust from her. This can be done by being affectionate and giving your dog plenty of affection in a healthy and happy environment.

When you establish this trust and affection, you will have an eager and loving dog who will do anything and everything for you. And your beloved dog will be a willing partner in your life!