How To Establish Dominance Over A Puppy

How to establish dominance over a puppy is one of the most important lessons you can teach your new puppy. Even though puppies are very cute and fun to be around, they can also become quite demanding once they get older.

If you let them run on you, snap at them or do other things that might be dangerous or annoying, they will grow into dogs who will not submit to your orders. You need to gain control over him so that he sees you as his pack leader, not the other way around.

Puppies are very jumpy and can follow you around the house. They can even chase you around the block, so even if they seem friendly initially, you should remember that they will always want to take part in what you are doing. They love to please their owners and will often do anything to get your attention. This makes training your dog a little challenging, but with patience and consistency, you can get the job done. Here are some basic tips on how to dominate your puppy.

First, you must be dominant yourself. This means you will need to have more control over your dog than he does. Be sure that you are the alpha leader when it comes to your pet, or he will take over your entire house! It’s just common human nature.

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To teach your dog that you are the Alpha, always put a collar and leash on him. This is especially important for puppies. If you just let him run around the house, he’ll only respond to you when he feels like it, not when you want it.

To earn his trust, treat him like a member of your family. By doing this, he will see you as the head of the pack and will try to emulate you. Do this along with obedience training and you can easily establish yourself as the Alpha dog in your puppy’s world.

You should only use commands that are related to your particular dog breed. Train your puppy slowly. One command at a time. Once your puppy has become accustomed to the commands that you give him, then you can proceed with other commands.

Make sure that you control the area where your puppy wants to stay. Most dogs want to stay close to their pack leader, so it’s important to establish where he should stay. Praise your puppy generously for going to his designated area. You should repeat this exercise a few times until your pup understands that he needs to go where he belongs to.

If your pup has already learned how to stay in his own area, then you may want to take advantage of this behavior. To do this, you should position yourself to be in the same place as your pup. Then give your pup a treat while you stand in front of him. He will soon learn that he will get a treat if he goes to you. Once he starts to understand that he will get a treat if he listens to you, then you can begin to teach him the “sit” command.

A couple of things should be done in conjunction with your newly established leadership. You will have to establish boundaries. They should apply to all areas of your dog’s life.

For example, if you give the command “sit” and your dog only obeys a half-hearted “sit”, that is okay. You should not move on to other commands or become aggressive towards your puppy when he doesn’t “sit”. Remember, your puppy is just a “subordinate” position in the dog pack and it’s your duty as the pack leader to correct him.

While it is the ultimate goal of every dog owner to have a dog that obeys all his commands, you must keep in mind that your puppy is only a subordinate. To preserve the rules and hierarchy in the dog world, you must be constantly aware of what your dog is doing and make the necessary training.

Praise and treat are the most effective ways through which your dog will achieve this. When he gets something that he wants, he will just repeat the behavior to get his reward. That is how the dog makes his world work!

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Dogs love to be the leader of the pack. Being the leader should be your job. Leadership should be a way of life and if you want to establish yourself as the leader of your pack, then this is how to do it.

Remember, be consistent! As with a child, you will have to show your puppy that you are serious. Being consistent is what your dog needs and he will not take you seriously if he is not sure you mean business. Do not worry, this is not difficult and in fact, it is necessary to attain your dominance.