How To Calm Down A Hyper Dog

There are many reasons as to why your dog is behaving so excited and crazy and getting to know the triggering factors will certainly assist you to calm down your hyper dog.

With that being said, let’s dive straight in to the topic:

  1. Why Is My Dog So Hyper And Crazy?
  2. How To Calm Down A Hyper Dog?

Why Is My Dog So Hyper And Crazy?

When your dog is behaving over excited and hyper, it could likely be due to the fact that he possesses excessive energy and there is no “channels’ for him to release or drain off this energy. 

Following are some potential causes:

  1. Is there a lack of simulations (playtime) for him, and he is getting very bored?
  2. Is he suffering from any health issues?  Allergies?
  3. Is there “something” that causes him to be nervous, stressed or fearful such as you are moving him to a new home?
  4. Did you change his diet recently?

A hyperactive dog is not merely over active but also lacks focus, easily distracted and highly impulsive. So, it’s important that you work on this behavior issue before it gets worse.

How To Calm Down A Hyper Dog?

A hyperactive dog who exhibits signs of high energy, lots of fidgeting, loss of focus and impulsiveness can be calmed down through various ways such as exercising, aromatherapy as well as behavior training.

It is important that you show your dog that you are displeased with his hyper behavior the moment he exhibits these reactions else he will interpret it as this is what you are expecting from him.

We will now look into WAYS to make your dog calm down.

Discourage His Hyper Behavior

This is extremely important and where most dog owners failed to follow. Do not ever react to any of your dog’s hyper behavior when he exhibits it right in front of you. 

By reacting to these reactions, you are telling him “Good Job” and he will take the clue from you  that you like his behavior and will keep repeating them.

You should let him know that you are displeased with his behavior by ignoring him (with no eye contact, no touch and no talks). This will send a signal to him that his behavior is inappropriate and it makes you angry. 

Dogs are superb at observing your body language and that could send a strong and stern warning to him don’t do it again as there will be negative consequences for his hyper behavior.

For example, if your dog likes to jump on you, what you can do is to turn away from him (with your back facing him) the moment he jumps up. Wait for a few seconds before turning back to face him. If he jumps up again, do the same action (turn away from him) till he gets the ideas that this action will make you ignore him.

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Encourage Good Behavior

You should also show your happiness and reward him for any desired behavior that you are expecting from him. So if your dog is exhibiting calmness and submissive behaviors, you ought to let him know that you are happy with him. 

This can be done in a form of reward, which will help him to associate calmness with a treat, and he will love to repeat them again. The reward can be of his favorite food, a praise or gentle pat on his head or body.

Of course, this is also a good opportunity to train him on the “sit down” command so that in the event that he gets hyper active, you can use it to make him sit down.

Keep Him Tired

A dog will behave excitedly when he is full of energy and EXERCISE is going to be the best way for him to release his excessive energy. You should go for some forms of exercise that will make him physically and mentally tired. 

If you intend to bring him for a walk in the park, make sure that the environment does not have too many stimuli (such as too crowded, too many pets or too noisy) as that could potentially make him too nervous or excited and worsen his hyperactive behavior.

Alternatively, you can go for some interactive games such as “fetch”, “Frisbee”, “tug of war” to help him to release his energy and train him to focus as well. 

I have tried giving my hyper dog a treat releasing toys to play with and it works great to make him focus as he tries to get his treat out of the toy. This also made him mentally tired after playing for about 20 minutes and wanted to get a nap.

I will give him this toy during his playtime when I’m too busy and couldn’t spare the time to play some interactive games with him.

Control Your Emotion

Do you know that your dog looks upon you for direction because he considers you as his peak leader. So your emotions and body language will determine and affect his behavior.

If you are showing signs of excitement or frustration, this could potentially affect his emotion and make him hyper active. So keep calm as you approach your dog for his playtime or feeding. The key takeaway is to always portray your calmness and confidence when facing your dog.

Be consistent with your dog’s routine so that he knows when will be his playtime and will not get over excited.

There are some breeds of dogs that are known to be hyper active. If your dog belongs to one of these breeds, you may need to have more patience as you try to make him calm down. 

Keep in mind that your dog would not become hyperactive overnight, so you would certainly not be able to cure it in a single day!

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9 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

  • 1) Border Collie
  • 2) Labrador Retriever
  • 3) Labradoodle
  • 4) Australian Shepherd
  • 5) Jack Russell Terrier
  • 6) Vizsla
  • 7) Dalmatian
  • 8) Weimaraner
  • 9) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Train Your Dog On Self Control

This can be done by interrupting his playtime sessions and making him obey your instruction to calm down. You could do this by what is known as a “time-out” session.

For example, If you are playing fetch games with your dog, stop the game after about 15 minutes. Your dog will be pestering you to continue. Use the command “sit down” to make him calm down. Initially, he wouldn’t be willing to obey you. You should not react to his pestering till he sits down. Then, you will reward him with a treat. 

In this way, he would learn to associate a reward for obeying the`sit down” command. You would then be able to use this command whenever he is exhibiting a hyperactive reaction and you want him to calm down.

Use Of Aromatherapy

This therapy is widely used in the human world to relieve tension for people suffering from anxiety or stress and it also works great for dogs as well. 

Essential oils such as Bergamot and Lavender are commonly used to treat any behavioral problems in dogs, in particular to provide a calming effect for them. These oils are known to help them to release stress, panic, fear, depression, anxiety and agitation

How To Use It?

This is how I apply lavender oil on my dog whenever he is feeling excited.

Gently rubbing the oil on his ear and fur while giving him a pleasant message. I could observe that he is getting so relaxed to the point that he simply fall asleep while I’m doing it!

Of course, you can also make use of a diffuser. Simply heat the lavender oil in the diffuser and it will be released into the air over the time and your dog will be able to inhale it. Choose a smaller enclosed room to get the best benefit

Introduce A “Quiet” Session

Allocate at least a session (last for 30 minutes) with your dog to practice a “Quiet” session with him. This is to let him accustomed to be with you for that “Quiet” moment.

It is during this session that you would try to introduce to him how “good” it is to be calm and relaxed and encourage him to behave himself.

This is what you should do:

Hold his favorite toy in your hand (make sure that he can see it) and remain seated on your sofa. Wait for him to come near you. As he comes next to you and sits down, give him his toy for him to play with. 

Occasionally give him a treat and gently pet his head if he is behaving well and remain calm and focus on his toy. 

If he is progressing well, slowly take away the toy and have him sit on your sofa. Keep rewarding him for his good behavior so that he will learn to be calm when he is with you. Spending quality time with your dog will also help to build a bond with him.

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Food Allergy

Food allergy could also lead to the following disorder for your dog:

  • Itchy skin
  • Digestive issue such as diarrhea and vomiting
  • Hyperactivity behavior
  • Weight loss 
  • Lack of energy
  • Aggression

This is often the result of having too much over processed food as they contain lots of preservatives, chemicals, additives, sugars and artificial coloring. These undesirable “ingredients:” in the processed food may make your dog start experiencing hyperactivity and allergy reaction.

So make sure that you check with your veterinarian what will be the type of food suitable for your dog based on his breed, age and activity. This will ensure that your dog gets the necessary nutrients to maintain good health.

In some cases, your veterinarian might prescribe some medications such as Benadryl for your dog to calm down. One of the side effects of this medicine is that it will cause your dog to feel drowsy. This “side effect” is what many dog owners prefer as their goal is to make their dogs sleep.

If you are facing a hyper dog, give the above tips a try as I’m pretty confident that it would certainly help you to calm down your dog and turn him into a lovely pet in your family.