How To Assert Dominance Over A Dog

How to assert dominance over a dog can be challenging. Many dog owners will try and teach their dogs by beating around the bush. There are a few very simple tips that any dog owner can follow so as to effectively assert dominance over their dog.

Dominant behavior can take many forms, but the most common dominant behavior is the attitude exhibited towards the owner. Most dogs have a fearful reaction to people.

A fearful dog may urinate without warning, show submissive body language, or growl or snap. He is also at greater risk for aggression in response to a stressful conditions such as when he is alone or surrounded by people or other dogs who are aggressive.

Dogs are pack animals and each pack has a natural dominant leader. Your goal is to be your dog’s pack leader. It is important to note that this is not an attempt to establish control over your dog.

Rather, you are providing your dog with all the things that he wants as your role of a “alpha” dog. In addition to being the pack leader, you are also responsible for your dog’s well-being. By learning to assert dominance over your dog, you are also providing him with a safe and healthy life.

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Be firm and clear with your commands as the leader of the pack. This does not imply that you have to be mean, but your tone of voice makes a huge difference. Be prepared to put some “seriousness” into your tone.

You want to command, but you don’t have to sound like a drill sergeant at all. Having a stern tone can be effective in getting your dog’s attention. However, you do have to remain unswerving. Your tone of voice should express your intent. It should be stern, but should still remain friendly at all times.

If your dog is showing sign of dominants, you must immediately take him into another room as you figure out what is causing the dominant stimulation. Do this as soon as his behavior becomes annoying or stressful. Your dog must be released from the stress and moved to a different room without making any eye contact with you.

The best way that you can demonstrate you have leadership is to routinely burn off your dog’s excess energy in a structured way. Set up your dog with plenty of toys, regular walks and play time.

When you catch your dog doing something bad, be the leader and put him outside while you clean up the mess. You are showing him that he has no place to hide, and that if he continues to do the unwanted behavior, you will not reward him with your attention.

When your dog jumps up on you (who is his leader pack), this isn’t a sign of affection. This is a sign that he is trying to overtake you as the alpha dog in his pack or just acting on his own through lack of respect.

Dog’s don’t generalize well. This is the reason that yelling at your dog may have little or no affect. Most of the time, he doesn’t understand that you’re just venting out your frustration. Instead, he sees you as a stern adult that is aggressive to him.

Golden rule when training your dog is to be consistent. When you decide which behaviors are suitable to be learned, and which are not, stick to it. Dog training is all about consistency, so be sure your commands are consistent, and don’t confuse your dog by changing your mind in the middle of the message.

It is also important to make sure that there is always consistency in your relationship with your dog. You can easily make your dog understand what you want through consistency.

Many dog owners fail to give their dogs the attention and respect they deserve simply because they don’t know how to react when they are being pushed around. If you let your dog have his way, he may become unruly and may attempt to make you do his bidding.

It is important to show your dog that you are in charge. Always stay in control and ignore your dog when he tries to take over your leadership.

Another way to get control over your dog is to dominate him mentally. In order to effectively communicate with your dog, you should use a calm, soothing voice and avoid using any sort of aggressive barks or physical abuse.

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Eye contact with your dog could be another way to dominate him. Give your dog the eye contact and stand still while giving him the cue to walk forward. If your dog follows this simple routine a couple of times, he will soon view that you are his leader and will begin to walk alongside you obediently.

Dogs are natural predators and their instinct is to follow the alpha dog out of their natural prey. So it is important that you attain the role as a pack leader to assert dominance over your pet.