How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Aggressive

My new dog does have a tendency to get over excited and be aggressive towards people and other dogs. This is getting frustrating for me because I love my dog so much and finding ways to stop him from being aggressive is always on my mind. My beloved dog does not realize that he is being mean to me when he shows his aggressiveness.

Some dog owners believe that yelling at a dog or physically punishing them will correct their aggressive nature. Unfortunately, I do not believe in any form of punishment to my beloved pet as I find that being too harsh and cruel.

The first thing you have to understand about aggressive dog behavior is that it is not something that can be simply brushed off as old habits. Rather, you need to find a reason for your dog’s aggression, and then overcome that cause.

Aggressive dog behavior can be caused by a number of different factors, so before you can begin with a program of training that might help, you will need to understand what is causing his aggressive behavior.

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Here Are Several Kinds Of Aggression In Dogs:

Dominance Aggression: This is caused when your dog thinks that he is the alpha dog. Dogs are pack animals, and they follow a very strict hierarchy – the alpha dog being the leader. If he thinks he is the alpha dog, he is more likely to challenge you for power and authority. You should not ignore this behavior. In order to solve this problem, you must become the alpha dog, or he will become the alpha dog through his behavior.

Fear Aggression: This can be a bit more common in certain breeds, but fear is another one of the reasons for aggressive dog behavior. Some dogs may have a fear of certain situations and animals. Often, rather than attacking the source of the fear, they attack anyone. For example, a fear of fireworks might cause a dog to bite the hand that feeds him, or try to run away from a loud noise that frightens him.

Territorial Aggression: Your dog is going to be very territorial and is going to assert control over your possessions, and will mark off a certain territory. If you allow your dog to mark off a territory on your property, you’re basically encouraging him to become territorial. Every dog wants to be the alpha dog, and he certainly does not want to be the beta, as that distinction goes to the leader of the pack. You should never let him try to impose his will over yours.

There are a number of strategies available to reduce the chances of your dog being aggressive. Of these strategies, probably the most cost effective and practical is training your dog.

Although you may not want to engage in formal training, training your dog is the best and the most cost effective strategy as you can practice on a daily basis. An added benefit of training your dog is that it provides you an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you and him.

I strongly believe that dogs are intelligent animal and can be trained to be obedient and do away with all behavior problems. What you need is to find the right training to correct their behavior issues.

Your family is your dog’s pack. Your new dog has to perceive that there is a leader, and that the role – “Alpha” is held by you. This is part of how your dog feels about you. If you do not take up this role, then he will not listen and obey you.

This is when I find that reinforcing positive reinforcement works well in getting my dog to behave himself. All dogs crave for attention and the happier your dog is, the more he will look forward to seeing you and playing with you.

Therefore, one effective way is to ensure that he gets enough attention and spend time playing with him, taking him out frequently and praising him profusely whenever he performs any other acceptable behavior.

When you see a sign of aggression, instead of yelling or brandishing a stick, why not try to put your dog on a leash? That’ll help to take the pressure off from you to control his behavior. Pull him away from the object that he’s growling at, and use a stern voice to tell him “No”. Don’t forget to grab his collar and hold it so that he can’t run away from you.

When you have made sure he is not going anywhere, praise him and reward him from being obedient. Make this experience (rewarding) something he is going to be excited about.

You should never attempt to discipline your dog immediately. Dogs take a long time to learn what they are supposed to do and will often rebel when you are attempting to retrain them immediately.

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You should spend some time training him up until he is been properly trained. If you force him to follow an instruction, he may become aggressive towards you. Instead, teach him at an appropriate pace and have him work at his own pace.

Dogs love to please their owners but you have to make sure that they know they did it right. Proper dog behavioral training will reward you and you will have a lovely and obedient family member for many years to come. A dog that is misbehaving is no fun to have around, and it stresses both you and your pet.