How Can I Train My Dog

In order to understand what makes you a good dog owner, you must connect all the dots. It is easy to do. Let’s take for example your new puppy. You picked her from a shelter (of course.) You brought her home and you love her. Keep in mind you have no idea of her background. You don’t know what she grew up to be like. She may have even been adopted before. These are the information that you need to gather before embarking on your dog training journey.

You would also need to consider the following:

  • Gender of your puppy?
  • Is she neutered or spayed?
  • Do you mind taking her for walks or would you prefer that she stay put in the back yard?
  • How about her temperament, is she fearful, friendly, dominant, or obedient?
  • Is she a people pleaser or a breaker?
  • Is she cat friendly?

Dogs are born to run and hunt, and as such they would love nothing more than to be able to work for their food. Dogs who are energetic can often be motivated enough with a little treat and praise. It has been proven, when you only have to command your dog to sit and they do it, using praise and treat is a great way to get their attention and get them started on working for you.

Why use training treats? Dog training treats are very effective in helping you to train your dog. Using verbal commands may sometimes be too challenging for a young puppy to pick up. Using treats as a distraction is a nice way to get her attention.

simple training tricks
Every dog without exception - has a hidden intelligence inside. It’s an untapped resource to help you remove just about any troublesome behavior.

There are several ways that treats can be used, once the sit command has been mastered. As you progress in your dog training, you may want to offer a food reward every few seconds to help encourage your dog to respond to the command. Remember, the reward should be something she would love to have and work for.

In the long run, offering a treat for a desired behavior is a good way to start training your dog. She will start to expect a treat after performing the action that you had requested for. eg. “Sit” or “Come”. She will also expect praise and love in return.

This will help to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Treats and praise are what encourages good behavior from your dog.

If you see that your dog is constantly barking and is uneasy, get her to her crate. If your dog is always nervous, it may be a good idea to try to bring her to a more quiet place. Maybe you should try going to the park more often or to places where your dog can run.

You may have also noticed that your puppy loves to chew. Puppies will chew for a number of reasons. They are learning, much like children, what is safe and what is not. They are using their senses and learning what is safe for them to eat, as well as what is safe to chew on.

It is important to understand that chewing is not a disease, but a natural habit that goes along with the puppies’ development. Puppies cannot feed themselves, so they are relying on their sense of taste and chewing on something to figure out what is good for them. Dogs usually do not have problems with chewing so long as they have something readily available for them to chew.

There is a variety of toys that you can purchase for your dog to chew on. You can go for chew toys such as knotted ropes, bones, or rubber balls. Bones are the most popular chewable toy and really good for ensuring that your puppy does not start chewing on your furniture or shoes.

When deciding on a chew toy, make sure that it is not made of hard plastic. What you are trying to avoid here is chew toys where there are strings or pieces that can easily be pulled out. As these pieces are easy to remove, it would be easy for your puppy to choke on them.

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Training helps you to build a bonding relationship with your pet that will last forever. A well trained dog is more confident and happy and has a life that is not only happy but safe.

The rewards from training your dog are worth every penny of the effort that you are putting into it now and the fruits of your efforts are truly remarkable.