How Can I Potty Train My Dog

It’s a hassle. It takes effort to teach your dog to do the right thing. Well, it also takes time for him to be trained. In fact, potty training doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It’s easier than you might think and you don’t have to be a genius to know how to do it.

Many dogs need to be potty trained when you first adopt them from shelter. This could be due to several reasons such as they are still a young puppy and might not have fully developed a good bowel pattern or it still takes time and patience for your dog to learn to use the potty bowl. Always keep in mind that when trying to potty train your dog, it is never too late to begin.

When it comes to potty training, there are many tips that should help you achieve successful results.

First you have to decide what method of potty training you’re going to do. Are you thinking of using the paper training method? Are you going to be doing multiple trips outside with your puppy? Are you going to take him out every couple of hours? Are you going to have treats every time he goes potty outside?

You can teach him anything you want him to know. If you use treats, he knows he’s being rewarded for doing good. If you use his favorite toy, you can help him strengthen his teeth and gums and help prevent damage. When you introduce new things to him, always do it in a positive way. If you’re not selecting a potty training method yet, why not start now?

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One of a very effective technique is to place a treat in the bowl and when your puppy does his “business” correctly, reward him with this treat. You can even give him treats during playtime. This will help him to realize that potty training is an important part of his life and when he does this correctly, he will be rewarded.

Be consistent in your potty training! During the training, don’t just take your dog outside when he needs to go, accompany him. Don’t just let him run around the yard, when he’s supposed to be going potty. Be part of his life. You’re not just potty training, you’re bonding with him.

As for potty area, you can start with indoor, followed by outdoor which could be your backyard. The great thing about using indoor toilet is that you will be able to see and watch him and make sure that he don’t get into trouble.

When he is ready to go outside for potty, put him in the designated area and leave him there. If he doesn’t want to potty, you should take him to a place that allows him to have privacy. Repeat this training and your pup will know where to do his potty when he needs to do his “business”.

When training your dog, do not scold him as this can scare him and make him afraid to perform potty again.

Crate training is also another one of the most effective potty training methods. It’s a safe place for your dog to stay in when you’re not around. You know exactly what’s happening when you put him in his crate. He is unable to get into trouble, he is securely restrained, and he feels protected and comfortable. Just something simple that can help you save from any possible troubles.

So how do you get your dog into the crate for his first trip to his new safe haven? Easy, he starts out his day in the crate. Take him out for a walk and let him run around. Make sure you keep an eye on him at all times. Give him a treat for being good. When you put him back in his crate, keep the crate door open. You want to make the crate a fun place for him. You can do this by adding treats, toys, or nice beds.

When it’s time to shut him in the crate for the day, remember to put his chew bones, toys, and high value treats inside the crate. You’re trying to keep him busy when he is in the crate.

I hope that you would find the above tips useful in helping you to be successful when potty training your dog. There is no need to give your pet unpleasant surprises, as long as you are consistent with your efforts.

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With consistent training, your dog will soon master the concept and will be confident enough to do potty without you having to come along. Always keep in mind to be patient in your dog training and be sure to give your dog plenty of praise as well as treats whenever he does the potty correctly.