How Can I Make My Dog Listen To Me

Now that I have a cute “member” in my home, how can I make my dog listen to me? While dogs certainly aren’t perfect, the bright side is, a dog who is well trained is far less likely to end up in a shelter than one who isn’t. A well behaved dog is a joy to own, and when your dog starts to listen to you, it is really exciting. That is, of course, if your dog listens to you AND obey your commands.

If you are one of the dog owner, my best tip for YOU is to understand the owner-and-dog relationship. Most of us understand that we are the dominant species. However, we can become too dominant if we don’t communicate with our dogs the way they understand us.

All dogs are really pack animals, and the strongest pack members are considered “Alpha”. You will need to establish yourself as the alpha dog or pack leader in a very firm yet gentle manner. A good training program that shows your dog that she must be submissive to you (as the alpha dog) will be the best way to get her listen to you.

Dogs, by nature, need to be outside to pee, poop, scratch, enjoy life, and most importantly, to socialize. Without socialization, your dog will have a major case of separation anxiety. It is a fact, the slightest threat of separation anxiety can lead to behavioral problems.

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To correct any undesirable behaviors, you should have a treat ready for your dog. This will help to reinforce positively that by doing “this” action or behaving in this manner, she will be rewarded. I would suggest to go for rewards over the corrections during your obedience training for your dog.

Keep in mind that action such as hitting your dog are absolutely no way to train her and only will only make her to be scared, confused and afraid of you.

When you train your dog you should use a relaxed, positive tone of voice and give her the praise and rewards for her good jobs. In essence, you should be using simple and short commands in your training. And most importantly, be consistent in your commands!

Use the same commands, always tell your dog what you want her to do. While not always possible, practice these commands a lot. It is important to remember that even dogs who have been trained one way of doing things may nonetheless respond to the other.

Also, every single time your dog does the command correctly, make the praise rewarding. Try being as extravagant as saying “good dog!” or “very good puppy!” The idea is to make your pooch want to do the same command again just to get more praise and rewards.

In order to establish the meaning of words (commands), you will need to use them repeatedly. If you just say the command once, your dog will get only a quick reaction, and she probably just doesn’t understand what the command means. But if you keep repeating the command, getting the same reaction each and every time, then she will begin to understand what she needs to do.

There is no other way to get the best results apart from immediately correcting your dog’s behavior if she did not listen to you. Dog’s memory retention is very short. This means that any correction that occurs more than 5 seconds after the action is already done has absolutely no meaning in your pup’s mind. And that’s why so many mistakes occur before she even had a chance to process what you want from her. It is so important to catch your puppy in the act. Even a short correction is a powerful correctional tool.

Small dogs love to chew. This habit is due to the way they were bred as companion animals. They love to retrieve and carry things in their mouths. The problem is that when they chew on something, they leave nothing but that indestructible thing in their mouth.

If your dog likes to chew on things, the best way to train her not to chew your stuff is to get her a chewing toy. This will get her to chew her own toy rather than your valuable possessions. There are many toys that are specially made and are safe for dog to chew. They are not expensive and can be found in most pet shops and even at the grocery store.

Most dogs naturally want to please their owners, but sometimes they get confused because they aren’t sure “human” is the one in charge. It is crucial that your dog learns to trust and follow your lead instead of her own. This might sound easy, but it certainly takes practice for it to happen!

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One of the main keys to coach your dog to listen to you is patience. There are no shortcuts while training a dog to change. Any long term strategy has to be worked for several weeks or even months to see the results you are hoping for (which is your dog’s obedience).

True training of any kind takes time, but with continual and consistent obedience training, your little dog will soon know her place in the pack and learn to follow your lead.