Easy Ways To Train Your Dog

It’s amazing how dog owners think that by taking their dogs to the training classes, it will help to create a better relationship between them. In fact, the proper relationship that exists between a dog and it’s owner is the result of training the dog using good communication and trust. There are certainly many easy ways to train your dog to build a good relationship where your dog knows how to trust you and knows that he is safe to be with you.

Why it’s important to train your dog? An untrained dog can cause all kinds of problems including destroying your home items, annoying your neighbors and terrorizing children. Thus, to avoid having to go through all these challenges, it’s imperative that you start training your puppy when you adopt him back home.

Our puppies and dogs learn from us all the time. Sometimes, though, they need a little assistance and direction. Obedience training is one way to give your pet the specific tasks that he needs to learn.

By carrying out the dog training yourself, you are closer to your pet and learn how to anticipate his needs. This will also helps you to develop a method of communication with your pup that he will understand.

Training your dog will channel his natural behavior into something that is socially acceptable which will make your life far easier and your dog’s life much more fulfilling.

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Remember that when you are training your dog, it pays to be patient. This is especially true when you are dealing with a large dog. If you’re trying to train a German shepherd, you need to have lots of patience. It will certainly pay off in the end but takes time.

Consistency is the key to your dog training success. You must stay consistent with the commands you are giving to your dog. If you are not consistent, your dog will get confused and will not learn what is expected.

Instead of punishing your dog when he does something wrong, try rewarding him when he performs the right behavior. This is much more effective in the long run and your dog will associate the rewards with the action that he had performed.

Praising and rewarding your dog for doing well is the most important part of the dog training program. You should never be stingy with these.

I never leave my dog for a minute unattended. I praise her when she comes when called, or sleeps in the right place at night. I never leave my dog alone without treats for doing simple little jobs. This is one of the reasons why I love my dog and she loves me.

Don’t reward your dog when he is barking. He is making you pay for his barking with something he wants. Also, don’t reward your dog for doing nothing.

When training your puppy, you want to first focus on a couple of simple commands that will get him started.

Spend a few minutes each day with your dog, teaching him the word “No”. If you are having a hard time, be patient and do not give up. You will be able to train your pup. It’s just a matter of time and patient.

Once your dog had mastered the “No” command, starting teaching him the “Stop” command, followed by the “Sit” command and so on. It is important that you only train your dog on one single command each time till he had fully mastered it. Do not ever “bombard” him with several different commands as this will confuse him.

Your dog will eventually associate these words with the actions that you had wished him to perform. The word “No” should always be associated with actions that you do not wish him to make.

When you catch you dog doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing, don’t scold him. Instead, tell him “No” and show him immediately what he should be doing, then reward him. If he repeats the behavior, give him a treat and praise.

Teaching your dog to lie down and stay are the two most important commands to teach. All dogs, regardless of age, can master these commands. Without them, you will have no control over your pup.

When house training your dog, it is advisable to place him in an area called “elimination” room first. This will ensure that he do not make his way to the living room to do his peeing. Every time your puppy eliminates in the correct place, give him a treat. The praising and reward will reinforce his good behavior and encourage him to continue performing this action.

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Your dog wants to know what you expect from him. He likes to feel that you are in charge. If you are going to establish yourself as the alpha in your pack, you will have to pick up the skill on how to train your dog.