Easy Dog Training Methods

If you want to begin the process of training your new puppy or even a dog you already have, then you need to take a look at the following easy dog training methods to get you started.

Here are a few dog training guidelines that are likely to make you success as a dog owner and a trainer:

Train Your Dog With Games: Using games as part of your training can be a great way to develop and reinforce your training techniques and can give you an avenue to encourage your pet to perform his or her actions during your commands.

In addition, you will find that the game you choose will give your canine friend a chance to exercise, which is another great reason to use this technique for training.

Remember to always reward your pet with praise and lots of affection. This means you can’t punish them in any way, including hitting, scolding, yelling, etc. Remember, dog training should be enjoyable for both you and your canine companion.

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Be kind. That would mean no hitting and/or smacking. It will not teach him, rather it will frighten him. Just as you want your dog to respect you and obey you, you must exude an air of dignity.

A sure way to accomplish this is to speak quietly, yet deliberately, raising your voice a bit if your command is not followed. And should you reprimand him, confine him to his bed until he is no longer a threat to you. A dog will recognize authority when it is felt.

Don’t ever think you can make your pet do what they don’t want to do. Dogs love to please their masters so much that they will almost immediately understand that you mean what you say.

They will quickly figure out that being able to please their masters is a major plus and will always come back to you for more training. Keep in mind though, you do not have to be strict about how many times you dog has to perform his or her act in order to be rewarded.

Teach Your Dog Tricks: As you continue to work on your new puppy and dog training techniques, you’ll discover that teaching your pet tricks is a great way to reinforce what you’re doing and to make them feel better about themselves.

If you’re trying to teach your pet some commands like “sit “down”, then you can teach them to do simple tricks such as “come “stay”. You can also find plenty of fun ways to work on your training by using commands such as “leave” and “come”.

Always start training sessions at the same time of day, but only spend 15 minutes per session. You don’t want your canine friend to become bored and frustrated. Also, if you are trying to teach your pet multiple commands at once, you don’t want to over train them so that they are fatigued.

It is important to be relaxed as you play with your dog. This will allow him to be relaxed as well. Games like fetch are some of best games to play. You can as well mix up your game to keep him keen on what you have at hand.

Once you have mastered these basic commands, you can now move on to some commands that require more effort. Once you have learned how to teach a command like “stay”, you’ll be able to start teaching your pet to sit, lie down, or heel. and many others.

These commands are more challenging because you will have to work harder to teach them, and you can work harder to correct them if they break the rules.

Some owners choose to use clicker training to get their dogs to listen to them. In a situation where you use a clicker, your dog will only receive a treat when he successfully follows a command during its training phase. He will know that a treat is on its way because of his actions. Try using the clicker at mealtime to let him know that he should be eating his meal.

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You should also introduce your puppy to his potty spot. The sooner you teach your puppy to pee and poop outside, the sooner he’ll be able to go potty quickly and confidently anywhere that’s available, such as on newspapers that you roll out daily, or on the grass in your garden.

If you teach your puppy to go potty on command, you’ll be able to fine-tune his bladder and ultimately have him pee and poop on command, every single time.