Dog Training Secrets Review

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but it is important for your dog to be trained properly in order for her and your family to have the best relationship. There are several dog training secrets review that can help you to train your dog so that she will listen and follow your instructions.

Your dog wants to please you and if she is trained on behavioral and obedience trainings, she will always do what you ask for. Dog behavior is going to be an issue when your dog continues to disobey without any reason. The following review will help you deal with difficult dog behavior and correct it quickly.

Training is the basic principle of getting a dog to do what you want her to do, whether it’s well-being or behavior. It is also the basic foundation for solving just about any problem that your dog is struggling with. There are basically 2 types of training: behavioral and obedience which will be covered in this dog training secrets review.

Behavioral training allows you to purposely seek and “unwind” any undesirable behaviors that are normally caused by your dog’s interaction with its environment. For example, if your dog is aggressive, you will work on what’s causing her aggressiveness and eliminate those triggering factors.

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As for obedience training, as the name imply, is to teach your dog to perform certain actions which you had requested through giving her the commands. This is very similar to behavior training, but the emphasis is on firmness. Decide on a word or cue word to use for the behavior that you want to teach and consistently use that word in order to enforce the proper behavior on your dog.

Start with the “Sit” command, which is the most easiest basic command. The best way to teach your dog the “Sit” command is to use a treat. Give your dog her treat after telling her to sit. If she doesn’t sit, gently push her butt to the ground. Once your dog sits, give her the treat. If this doesn’t work, repeat the word “Sit” as you are going to produce a treat. She will learn the association of the word with her desired behavior.

You don’t have to always give food as the reward. Dogs even like toys. I have ever used a blinking ball to reward my dog and it works marvelous well on her. She likes it very much and would play with it non-stop.

When your dog is rewarded with treats, she will quickly learn that those treats mean she is to do as what she is told (which is the command) and that the good behavior is followed by treats. It’s a matter of timing. No treats or rewards until she does as she is told.

The next thing to remember when training your dog is to be consistent. You cannot train your dog to do something, and then change the way that she does it later on. Train your dog, not for a week or two, but consistently for an hour a day. The more time you spend with her, the more that she will come to enjoy the training.

Many dogs do terrible things behind closed doors. They may have peed on the floor or caused a little puddle by accident. But, for whatever reason, most dog owners feel the need to punish their dog, even if it was an innocent little accident.

However, please keep in mind that punishing your dog hours after the accident, especially with no physical evidence, will have no effect. If you don’t catch her in the act, your dog won’t be able to understand or associate her action or behavior with your punishment. If your dog has done something wrong, don’t hesitate to correct her immediately.

You don’t ever want to yell at your dog or use physical force. This will get you nowhere. But you may be able to get her attention with a hard stare, a firm “No”, or shoving her slightly.

Did your dog chews on your favorite shoes again? When a dog is bored, they use chewing as a way to keep themselves entertained. Your dog may look for her “activity” if you’re not exercising her and she may end up running around and chewing on things she shouldn’t be touching. It is easy to teach her what you want her to do by attracting her attention with a treat. She will drop what she is chewing and looks up at you with those big shiny eyes, and you can give her a treat for her action.

No matter how angry you are, never ever discipline your dog for something she did while you were gone. She have no clue what you are punishing her on and you are only making this issue worse. I would suggest to get a crate to confine her when you are not at home. This will avoid chewing incidents.

Make sure you have a positive and patient attitude towards your pet. Having good attitudes toward her will help you solve many problems. If you are having a hard day, always remember to give your dog a positive reinforcement so that she will understand and know to correct her misbehavior.

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One of the secrets in successful dog training is to train her in a consistent, loving, and supportive manner. You need to have a lot of patience. Just remember to use praise and treats and you will be well on your way to a happy, well behaved dog.

All the good behaviors that you are trying to teach her will be rewarded with complete respect. She will learn that she is to respect you as her new pack leader and to listen and obey your commands.