Dog Training 101 Tips

Dog training has come a long way and many experienced dog trainers know very well how to achieve this. If you are starting to train your dog, you must firstly remember that your dog will react differently to various training methods, and that is why you must define your objectives for the training. Dog training needs to be consistent and the following dog training 101 tips will shed the light to guide you on your dog training journey.

Everyone who has ever owned a dog knows that the process of training is a constant process of trying to get the dog to do what you want, and consistently rewarding their good behavior is a constant fight. If you ever stray from this course, it is important to back up and try to find the root of the deviation, rather than finding a random solution to a problem that isn’t the problem.

When you train your dog, you need to praise him to build his confidence. He will be more enthusiastic to learn and reward your efforts. Other kinds of praise you can use include saying “good boy” in a pleasant, high-pitched tone, giving him a pat close to the head, or scratching the back of your dog. Don’t forget to praise the moment your dog is doing something right.

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Apart from praise, there are plenty of ways to reward your dog for his good behavior. You can give him his favorite foods or toys, Some dogs like to be pampered. It is a basically a form of bribery. Should you use treats every time? No. Rather, mixture of praise and rewards (toys) will be good as you would not want your dog to be over fed.

Always use correct commands to teach your dog. Your puppy may seem to be following what you are telling him but if he isn’t trained correctly then this will cause him to behave wrong. Rewards should only be used when your puppy has responded properly.

While it may sound ideal to just have your dog known to obey all commands, in reality, it can be a daunting and frustrating task when your dog seems to find himself in charge and decides to test that authority over the humans in the house.

It can be a very stressful time when you watch your dog’s actions day in and day out and he is not obeying your command. What you need is to have your dog trained for obedience.

Dog obedience training is about communication. It teaches your dog how to know what is expected of him. Once he has gotten the message, he will readily obey. But communication must be constant and fair, or your dog will become confused and frustrated.

Use the same commands throughout your puppy training. Your dog will pick up the subtle differences in your voice or body language, which only he could read. He will know which behaviors you want him to display in various situations and in what order. Most dogs can be easily trained to respond to the same commands in any situation.

Keep training sessions positive. Always remember that your Aussie is so eager to please you that when he sees you are happy, he feels he has done a good deed! Always praise him and reward him immediately when he does something right.

It is important not to punish your dog for any misbehavior. He should be praised for good behavior and the same goes for correcting them. If he misbehaves, he should know what he had done wrong.

Make sure you start early in training. Do not wait until your dog is too old. The most important thing to remember is to keep your training sessions short. Work only for five minutes in the beginning. As your dog gets used to this new way of obedience training, you will be surprised by how quick he learned.

Potty training your dog maybe one of the most frustrating issues to tackle. Fixing this problem doesn’t have to be an impossible task. By making sure that you understand why the dog is doing it in the first place, you have the basis to train him.

Make sure you take your puppy outside to go potty immediately after eating or drinking. This teaches him to wait to go potty until he is done eating. If you feed him or give him water two hours before bedtime, you’ll find that he is ready to sleep for the night and will sleep until you wake up.

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Always remember not to be cruel to them. If they misbehave, tell them no, walk away and not punish them at all and try again the next day.

Dog training requires consistency and patience. Remember that you will have to take that first step to see how this fits into your overall life style. The most important thing to remember is to reward your dog for his good behavior. This is the best way to build up his self confidence and make him feel special.