Dog House Training Tips

It is no secret that taking the time to housetrain your puppy can lead to a great and rewarding experience. The happiness it will bring your household is extraordinary. Keep reading to learn more about the dog house training tips that you can make use of to make your dog training a success.

The key steps for successful dog house training:

1) Do not punish dog for accidents. Punishment will only confuse your puppy and make it seem like they are not doing anything wrong.

2) Be sure to praise your puppy when they are able to go outside. Immediate praise and a treat is one of the best ways to show your dog that they have done the right thing for once.

3) Be sure to clean up accidents immediately. Puppies have a great sense of smell and will continue to use the bathroom on the spot to try and hide the evidence. Remember, it is impossible to stop a dog from eliminating in the house; this just requires you to be more aware and take care of the situation more quickly.

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4) If you cannot be actively involved, be sure to keep your dog confined to a small area or crate. You will need to keep them from roaming the house and chewing on any wires or from playing with objects such as shoes. But do note that It has been proven that dogs that are crated for more than 8 hours per day have a greater chance of developing behavior problems. These include but are not limited to destructive chewing and non-stop barking.

5) Use a small box or crate for your puppy to sleep in. This keeps them from roaming too much when you are away. You do not want them to find a nice place to sleep and pee, right?

6) Puppies tend to pee in small areas that they will not eliminate in. It is a behavioral issue that is common for puppies to pee where they sleep. Understand this and do not get frustrated, this is normal.

7) If your dog is peeing in one area of the home and another area is soiling, this is also a behavioral issue. Understand that when you are house training your puppy, this is something that you ought to have dog trained.

You might think that your crate is a bad idea for your dog, but again, think of it from the dog’s point of view.

A crate, properly used, will almost certainly save your dog’s life. Maybe there have been countless times when your dog got out of the house or the leash and ran wild. The safety of your dog might depend upon whether or not you were able to catch him before he got out of the house or the car.

Purchasing a comfortable, dog-proofed crate for your puppy or dog is something that will make them feel at ease. It will also give you a feeling of security.

At first, your puppy or dog might be uncomfortable with the crate. There could be some nervousness about entering a new, strange house. If it is introduced properly, the dog will feel at ease and at home. This feeling will help to keep your dog from barking and crying all day.

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Overall, dog training is something that will take time and a lot of patience to success and cannot be just a day effort!