Daily Dog Training Tips

If you have a pet dog, it is highly likely that you have already heard about the need to practice a good set of daily dog training tips. This is because the first thing that any dog owner wants is for his pet dog to obey him without a single fuss. This is especially true if your dog is just a puppy, and it may take a while before it can be taught to obey your commands.

Dog owners have to be very consistent with their dog training. In fact, it is important to keep on practicing these tips until they are no longer needed. You will find that there are several training advise that can help you train your dog to do a few tricks without any problems.

How to get started with training your dog

Introducing her to the world, and getting her used to the sights, sounds, and smells that surround her.

Reinforcing learned behaviors and commands by attaching a pleasant reward to those behaviors and commands that you have taught. This way, your dog won’t get bored, and instead of getting sticky in her mouth, she will be learning in a positive, non-violent manner how to please you.

Remember to use meaningful rewards. Use small food reward or a single, special treat. If you want your dog to associate a word command with a treat, use that too. Remember to vary, and to give your dog a reward for performing the required behavior.

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Try different types of rewards. Use a mixture of food and praise for good behavior. Reward your dog as soon as she displays the desired behavior, and reward her immediately after. If you wait less than a second, your dog most likely will not be excited to display the good behavior, or she may be too distracted to properly obey the command.

Set up a training session indoors when it is most convenient, and when she is most relaxed. This will enhance the opportunity to capture the puppy’s behavior as soon as it happens. It helps to have the same environment for training and hanging out so that the puppy is not far from you at the same time.

Maintain a fair amount of distractions away until the command is instinctively and automatically performed by the puppy. Of course this won’t happen overnight, but it can happen pretty quickly–just by spending time and quite a lot of praise.

The most important factor in getting success in your dog training, is to have patience. Your dog will not get the command exactly right the first four or five times. Simply reinforce it until it happens again, and keep working on it. You will see success.

Giving your dog the opportunity to learn will be the deciding factor when it comes to dog obedience training. Obviously, the more time you spend with your dog with your chosen commands, the more successes you will have with your dog training. Be sure that the commands are short and precise, preferably one word, like sit, come, stay, good dog.

A dog has four basic commands that are the foundation of any dog training. These commands are “sit,” “stay,” “come” and “down.” All dogs learn these commands very easily. The reasons are obvious why these commands should be included in the pet’s training. Sit simply commands the dog to sit. It is the base or entry command of many other commands that follow.

Purchasing a dog or any other pet is a big responsibility, to feed and nurture that animal, to provide for its physical and emotional needs, and to train it to behave to your standards so that you can both enjoy the time you spend together.

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Remember that we want to have a pet that is not only well behaved, but also one that can be trained and socialized properly. So that you have a great relationship with your pet that you can be proud of.